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20 November 2008 @ 10:55 am
Fic: Plundering Cordelia's Booty  
Title: Plundering Cordelia's Booty
Author: Livvie (Kelly)
Rating: NC-17
Category: If the title didn't give it away, it's smut. Pure PWP.
Pairing/Characters: Cordelia/Angel (C/A)
Word Count: 5,638
Prompt: Angel biting Cordy, party, ice cubes. (How could I NOT write smut)
A/N: HUGE thank you to damnskippytoo for stepping in as a beta for me. Owe her a TON.
Dedication: My evil twin, nikkiwawa79. This is all her fault.

Cordelia opened the door to the suite she and Angel had shared for the past two years at the Hyperion Hotel. She was already fanning herself with a paper plate as she crossed the threshold. She turned to look over her shoulder to speak to Angel. “Next time Fred wants to have a Halloween party during a heat wave in LA when our air conditioner is broken, she can spring to rent out a reception hall or something. I saw the cheese melting on the snack trays it was so hot down there.”

Angel closed the door behind him after she had moved more into the room.. He did enjoy that view from the back, he thought, as a little smile came to his lips. “It wasn’t that hot, Cordy.”

“Says the guy who isn’t affected by hot or cold. This is a freak heat, the hottest LA has seen in like forever. It’s brutal. I can’t believe you can’t get a guy out here to fix it until next week.”

“Do you have any idea how much it was going to cost me to have a repairman come out and fix it right away? He called it an emergency.”

“Do you know how much it will cost you to have an uncomfortable and pissed off Seer?”

She turned around and gave him a look, hazel eyes locked onto him, something flickering in them that sent a chill even down his spine. He swallowed hard to clear the lump that was rising in his throat. “I’ll call him tomorrow and see if he can come out sooner.”

She smiled, the cold look that was in her eyes instantly disappearing as she got her way with him. He never knew if it was going to be the sugary sweet Cordelia or the do as I say Cordelia when she wanted something. And that was part of the reason he loved her, she kept him guessing. He watched her as she crossed the room, taking a seat on the edge of the bed - their bed.

“You know, you could have at least tried to wear a costume that went with mine.”

“What’s wrong with my costume?” Angel looked down at the much loved tux that he had used as his James Bond attire for the evening.

“Well, for starters, any guy who can rent a tux goes as James Bond. Second, Wes went as the exact same thing and he has the Britishness to go along with it. And third, I told you for a week I was going as a sexy pirate. Pirates are the in costume right now.”

He sighed, an expression he only seemed to use on her. “I saw the costume; I was going to look ridiculous. The puffy shirt, the dreadlocks attached to that hat. The sword was plastic, Cordy.”

“You could have used a real sword. Besides, who are you worried about? Our friends? Who dressed totally silly and fun, except for Wes, who again, with the Britishness. I don’t think they even have Halloween over there,” she said as she unzipped the knee high black boots, pulling them off.

“I liked your costume. It was really…nice.” He watched her as she bent over to take off her boots, getting a good look down the tight bodice that was enhancing her already lovely natural endowments. He grinned. Even after a few years together, she still managed to turn him on with just the smallest of gestures.

She caught him looking as she glanced up. “Oh yeah, I know what parts you liked. Perv.” She chuckled, her voice taking on that slight teasing lit.

“I can’t help it. You are a beautiful woman. Can you blame a guy for admiring?”

“Yeah, well, come over and admire while you unzip me.” She got up from the bed, turning to show him her back. She pulled her hair aside, curled for the occasion, a pirate hat atop her head to complete the look.

Angel put one hand on her waist while his other hand dragged the zipper of her costume slowly down. He could feel her impatience but he wanted to savor this, even the smallest of moments with her were something extraordinary.

“Angel, I’m dying in this getup. Can you get a move on?”

He took the zipper to the bottom, leaning forward he placed a column of kisses along her spine stopping at the nape of her neck. He could feel her entire being relax. He was very aware of the effect that he had on her body. The way she would shiver when his lips first touched her flesh, not from the sensation of cool touching fevered but more from the electricity that seemed to pass between them.

He moved his lips to her ear. His voice was low, almost a whisper, meant for her and her alone. “I’ve got a pretty good idea on how to cool you off.”

“If this is where you suggest a cold shower, I don’t think that’s going to benefit either of us.”

“Just get undressed and get on the bed.” He pulled away from her ear, sliding the hand on her waist around to touch the small of her back lightly, smirking slightly as he watched her shiver once more. He stopped, leaving his hand to cool that sensitive patch of skin for the moment. “And leave the hat on. I kind of like it.” He gave her ass a swat, moving away from her quickly in case she decided to retaliate. She just shot him an icy look as he moved out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.

Cordy watched him go. She rubbed at the spot that he had swatted, frowning slightly. Nights like this, nights when he felt frisky, the demon bleeding into the man, she never knew what to expect. It was always fun and the anticipation of Angel’s plan only heightened the excitement. She did what he told her, stripping off the last of the costume, leaving it on the floor along with her panties and bra. What good was it having a neat freak vampire around if he couldn’t pick up your clothes?

She pulled the covers on the bed down and then eventually just ripped them off. It was too hot for even a sheet tonight. There was no breeze, just the hanging of hot, stale air over the city. She lay down toying with one of her curls as she waited for him.

Angel came back, his bowtie and tux jacket gone, no doubt hung up on the back of a chair at the kitchen table. He paused at the sight before him If his heart could have beaten, it would have sped up to hammer time at the sight of her, lying on their bed, his eyes traveling all over her golden skin. He tried to hide the grin as he caught sight of the pirate hat still on her head.

She glanced over at him, her fingers loosening from the curl she was playing with, her lips pulling down into a slight frown. “Uh, one of us is overdressed for this whole seduction scene.”

He chuckled as he moved to her, hands hidden behind his back. “I know but I thought I’d do something to make up for the broken air conditioner.”

“Going to take me to Alaska? I hear they’ve only got like eight hours of daylight up there right now.”

He paused because that actually wasn’t a bad idea. They could go out after the sun set, have a vacation, and spend the few hours the sun was up just snuggling in some cabin in front of a fire. He shook the thought out of his head. He had more pressing matters, mostly his manhood pressing against his pants, forming a bulge. That would be fixed a lot sooner than planning a trip to Alaska. “We can talk about that later. Close your eyes.”

She settled back into the bed and closed her eyes, knowing full well that her eye shadow had probably melted off and was leaving her eyes not quite up to Angel’s seduction. She always wanted it to be perfect for him since getting that job performance upgrade from The Powers. What better way to motivate a Champion than letting him be happy and be with his best friend, his lover, his soulmate? Cordy couldn’t think of one.

Angel moved onto the bed, lying next to her. He took a moment to kick off his shoes. He could always pick them up later when he dealt with cleaning up Cordy’s discarded clothing.

He took one more moment to let his eyes travel from her perfectly painted toenails, up her soft legs, over her thighs, her sex, up to her belly button, then her breasts, and finally to rest on her face. He set the ice cube tray in the small space between them, plucking one of the frozen squares from its plastic molding. He held it between two fingers, dipping it into the hollow of her neck. He almost laughed at her gasp, her eyes flying open, sitting up and knocking his hand aside in the process.

“What the…” Cordy turned to look at Angel, seeing the ice cube in his hand. She slapped him gently. “Next time some warning before you go sticking cold things on me!”

“You said you were hot. I thought this would be a good way to cool you down.”

She grumbled as she lay back down on the bed. “We can try it but I’m not closing my eyes. I want to know where that thing is going so I can brace myself.”

Angel paused, the ice cube posed above her body. “Cordy, if you don’t want to…” He trailed off. He didn’t have to finish the sentence, she knew.

She smiled at him. “It might be fun and you’re right, it might cool me down.” She flinched as a drop fell from the cube, landing right in the middle of her stomach. “Like I said, I just want to keep my eyes open.”

He nodded, moving the cube back down to meet the lost droplet. He circled it slowly around her stomach, holding the ice cube like a pen or paintbrush. He was an artist and tonight, Cordelia Chase was his canvas, the ice cubes his medium, as he drew a wide array of circles and lines against her tanned flesh

He put his elbow against the pillow, propping his head up with his free hand so that he could watch as he painted masterpieces against her flesh. He watched as trails of gooseflesh appeared in the wake of the ice, sometimes before it, in anticipation. As the ice cube melted against her skin, he switched his movements, cupping the ice in his palm and then rubbing in broad strokes up her stomach towards the valley between her breasts. He heard her draw in a breath as he moved his palm slightly, not touching her breasts yet.

Taking his hand from her skin, he reached for another ice cube from the tray.

Cordelia watched him as he reached once again. She was curious where that cold little sucker was going. She held her breath, thinking for sure that Angel was going to go right for her breasts but was pleasantly surprised when he slid down the bed and started at her big toe, tracing the underside with just the tip of the ice cube. She snickered, pulling her foot away, only to find his free hand now grabbing her ankle to keep it in place.

He grinned at her as he moved down the arch of her foot to her heel and then up under her ankle. He circled around her calf, sliding around her knee and then spiraling up around her thigh.

Biting her lip, Cordelia waited for that chunk of ice to touch her sex but it never came. Angel merely moved, repeating the same movements on her other leg. She shifted slightly, each line, circle, or small brush of the ice made her tingle, made her hotter. Angel’s plan to cool her down was failing miserably.

Angel could feel the heat rising off his girlfriend’s skin, the subtle waves of warmth she was giving off that were only getting warmer with each stroke from his makeshift brush. He could smell her arousal, filling every pore in his body, soaking in and making him painfully hard against his tux trousers. It took all his resolve not to toss the tray to the floor and make love to her that instant. When it came to Cordelia, he sometimes lacked the patience he had earlier in his unlife.

As the ice melted, he did what he had done with the other, palming it to rub and massage her thighs now, slipping down between them, just a breath away from her sex. If he stretched his fingers, he could touch her and the game would be over. Instead of giving in, of responding to her tilting her hips upwards, he merely continued massaging until the ice was gone. He moved back up the bed, smiling as he saw the frustrated look on Cordelia’s face.

“Something wrong, baby?” He popped another cube from the tray and putting it between two fingers, gently traced her lips with it as he waited for her answer.

Her gaze fixed on him for a moment. She could see the challenge in his eyes. He wanted her to beg - to say that she wanted more, that she wanted to feel his hands, his lips, his tongue on her most sensitive spots. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

Her tongue darted out, licking at the ice cube. “Nothing.” she said, almost purring the word out before pulling the ice cube between her lips, sucking gently on it.

Angel was unable to hide the smile as he watched this beautiful creature seduce him with a simple movement of her mouth. He knew what wondrous things that mouth could do, what pleasures it could pull out of him. That ice cube was the luckiest thing on Earth in that moment and that wouldn’t do.

He pulled it from her for a brief moment. “Good,” he said, moving it once more around her mouth before dipping it down across her bottom lip to her chin.

Seeing the shadow of a pout crossing her face, Angel almost had to chuckle but instead he drew the ice cube down further making his way once more towards the hollow of her neck.

Cordy squirmed on the bed, desperate just to take his hand and push it towards her breasts or between her legs. She shifted, rubbing her thighs together, though years of being dateless had proven that rarely worked to alleviate the ever growing need that was in her. Her nipples were already pulled into taut points aching to be touched, even with the ice cube. She finally groaned, knowing that she might have lost this battle but she would win the war. “Angel, can you…you know…hurry up and get to the good stuff?”

His face broke out into a wide grin as she said that. It was a small victory but a victory nonetheless. When dating Cordelia Chase, one took what they could. “You mean…” he moved the ice cube from her shoulder, circling it around her areola and then her nipple. “this good stuff?”

She didn’t answer, merely closing her eyes and letting out a hissing noise, breath pulled in between clenched teeth. Her whole body was tight as the cold hit her very sensitive nipples. The color deepened instantly turning from a pink to a dusky red even with such little contact.

“Or maybe, you meant this good stuff.” Moving to the other breast, he circled the ice cube in a wide arc around her breast, the circle getting smaller until he was rubbing it over her nipple.

The second hiss from her told him that he seemed to be getting it right. He moved his free hand to her unattended breast, fingers flicking lightly over her nipple before he covered her breast with his hand. He massaged it gently, knowing that even his cool hand was warmer than the ice cube.

There still was no quip or comeback from Cordelia, merely the two hisses from that first contact of the ice cube with her sensitive breasts and nipples. She shifted once more, one leg coming up, knee bent, and hips moving ever so slightly. When Angel lowered his mouth to her breast, the one not currently getting attentions from his skilled hand, she let out a soft, breathy moan.

Angel turned his eyes towards her, smiling as best he could with her nipple between his lips. He watched her face as he sucked on the sensitive skin of her breast, flicking his tongue out over the nipple.

Cordelia’s face reflected the pleasure her boyfriend was giving her, eyes closed and lips parted just slightly so that every so often a whisper of a moan, the slightest noise of pleasure, could pass between those soft lips of hers.

He took his hand from her other breast, moving his mouth to replace his hand. His free hand now dipped into the tray to draw out yet another cube.

With her eyes closed, Cordy had no idea that he had gotten another piece of ice between two fingers. As he moved, he was careful not to drip any of the cold water from the melting cube against her skin. His hand slid over her waist and moved down past the top of her sex and then further down.

As he traced the lips of her sex with the ice cube, Cordy hissed once more at the sensation, her body tensing up slightly as he touched her.

She opened her eyes, her hazel ones meeting his brown as he worked her breast with his mouth. It was a battle, their gazes locked together, one that he won as he held the ice cube in two fingers and pushed it gently into her. She let out a gasp, her back arching up and off the bed as he moved his fingers, slowly in and out of her. She could have done without the ice but the feeling of his fingers inside her was fantastic. Each time his fingers pulled out of her, she felt a loss, her body once more wanting him to sink into her, bringing her to the edge of an explosive pleasure that was mounting ever quicker.

He left her breast dragging his lips from her nipple and trailing kisses from her chest to her stomach. He kissed around her belly button and despite the fact his fingers were moving almost painfully slowly in and out of her, he heard Cordelia giggle. Moving his kisses even further down, kissing the top of her pubic mound, he took a moment to glance up. “Need to get that ice cube out.”

Cordy moved her hips just a bit to meet those slow, cold fingers. She merely nodded when he said that. She wanted him to go find that ice cube, even though she was certain it was melted. She wasn’t about to tell him that. It would ruin all their fun. She groaned as he removed his fingers centimeter by centimeter, so slowly that it felt like he wasn’t moving at all.

He loved the way that she smelled, a smell that was distinctly Cordelia - it was the sweet smell of innocence tinged with just a bit of spicy naughtiness and definitely bathed in excitement. He pulled his fingers from her, taking a moment to put them into his mouth, closing his eyes as the first taste of her, of the woman he loved, touched his tongue. There were few things left he could taste but this was one of them. She tasted as sweet as she smelled, an undercurrent of something salty exciting his tongue as always. This was better than any candy or treat, melting on his tongue, making him ache for more.

Pulling his fingers from his mouth, he pushed her legs open more, finding no resistance, not that he would expect it. That wasn’t the game they were playing tonight. He leaned down, circling the lips of her sex with his tongue. He had been teasing her all night with the ice cubes and from the hardness that was straining in his pants she wasn’t the only one eager to get to the payoff. He dipped his tongue inside of her, curling it and flattening it, moving it in and out at a steady pace as if he really was searching for that long forgotten ice cube.

Cordelia couldn’t stifle the moan that came from her the moment that she felt his tongue against her skin. She closed her eyes once more, letting herself get lost in this moment, a moment that was all about her. She loved these moments, the moments where Angel was more than happy to make sure she was happy. Her hips moved slowly as his tongue moved in and out of her. She felt a cool hand braced on either of her thighs, pushing them further apart, giving him more access to her. She writhed on the bed as his tongue sped up, delving deeper, his hands still holding her thighs apart.

Angel could always tell when a woman was close - the way their heartbeat changed, the flush of their skin, their taste. Everything about them changed. He pulled his mouth from her sex, rubbing her thigh gently with his hand.

He looked up at her, speaking softly to her. “Cordy." He said her name, trying to get her attention. “Can I…” He trailed off, the question never asked after that first night together. He did it more out of respect for her, full knowing that she had yet to tell him no when he wanted to indulge.

She opened her eyes, an almost pissed off look on her face that he had stopped when she was so close. “Yeees.” She hissed her answer out, hips pushing against nothing, trying to get his attention to get back at the task at hand.

He smiled as he watched her for just a moment, that angry look on her face, so wanting release, so wanting HIM to give her that release. It gave him an unbelievable feeling, one he hadn’t felt before her, one he had felt every time since, even just looking at her. It was love.

Angel’s face changed, his eyes turning from brown to yellow, his teeth lengthening into sharp fangs, ridges forming along his forehead. He rubbed at her thigh, bringing blood to the surface, fingers rubbing more insistent over those two small marks on her skin, marks that had been there for over a year. He lowered, putting his mouth to her thigh, not biting yet.

His hand moved to her sex, fingers sliding once more into her, thumb moving up to rub her clit in small deliberate circles. He felt her body starting to tense around his fingers, her heartbeat speeding up, her body getting hotter by degrees. He sunk his fangs into her thigh, groaning as her blood hit his tongue, causing him to shutter with pleasure.

Cordelia felt her orgasm building fast as Angel moved his thumb over her clit. When he bit her, like so many times before, it sent her over the edge. The mixture of the pleasure from his hands, the pain from his bite, it was too much for her body to take. She let out a cry, grabbing onto the bed, her body stopping all movement in those brief seconds as the climax overtook her.

He kept his mouth at her thigh, drinking lightly from her, his fingers still working against her until he heard the breathless, choked whisper of “stop” from Cordelia. He pulled his fingers from her body, followed by his fangs slowly withdrawing. He licked at the wounds for a few moments before allowing his face to change back. He moved off the bed, standing up to admire his handiwork for the moment.

In the midst of it, the pirate hat had still managed to stay on Cordy’s head. She was panting, her eyes closed, her skin almost glowing with her climax. Her hair was in a halo around her head, tousled and out of place. Her fists had relaxed and let go her prisoner of the sheets and her legs had fallen to the bed. She looked like a broken doll; a very satisfied and happy broken doll. She didn’t say a word as she tried to catch her breath.

Angel reached up, unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it off and setting it over a chair. He kept his eyes on hers as he removed his pants and boxers, putting them to lay with his shirt. He climbed back up on the bed, taking her leg in his hand and sliding it to rest in the crook of his arm as he moved to lay over her.

He paused, looking down at her, using his free hand to brush a damp strand of hair out of her face. “Cordy, you ready?”

She turned her head into his hand before opening her eyes to look at him. She gave him a smile, a beautiful radiant smile. She brought her free leg up, bending her knee and resting her foot against the bed as she brought her hands up to circle around his neck. “Kiss me first.” She knew what he had just done but she didn’t care. She loved him and she wanted to kiss him.

He hesitated for a moment before lowering his face and pressing his lips against hers. He could barely taste the chocolate and soda from the party, just a hint of something sweet that made him deepen the kiss between them even more.

He was surprised as Cordy pushed her tongue against his lips, waiting for him to part them, before using her tongue to play with his. He took his cock in his hand, rubbing it up and down her slit, teasing her slightly with it, waiting for her body to push up to meet him, before he slid slowly into her tight, wet heat. He held back a moan of his own, always, when he was finally inside her, her warmth enveloping him perfectly, like she was made for him alone.

Cordy could taste herself in Angel’s kiss, not just the salt from her body, her juices, but her blood, too. Over the year, it had become a familiar ghost in his mouth. No matter how well he thought he swallowed, licked his teeth, she could still taste that faint coppery tang. It was strange at first but now she had come to accept it was just part of Angel. He was a vampire; he needed blood and liked her blood in particular. She was more than willing to make a donation to him. She broke the kiss between them as she felt him enter her, opening her eyes to look at him.

He waited, not moving yet, looking down at her. He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. She was perfect, so beautiful in these moments together, when they were both quiet, both still, both on the edge of beginning something fantastic. The twinkle in her eye, the smile that came across her lips, the demanding push of her hips against him caused him to grin and lower once more to kiss her as he started to move slowly in and out of her.

Cordy matched his slow rhythm easily. She pushed her hips up to meet his, one leg wrapping around him as he moved. Her other leg was still caught in his arm, raised slightly so he could push deeper inside of her. She moved her fingers from around his neck to play with the hair just at his nape as they kissed before her fingers moved deep into the hair on the back of his head.

He kept his strokes slow and steady while enjoying the feel of her lips against his and her fingers in his hair. He reluctantly pulled his mouth from hers, letting her breathe, but resumed the kiss against her cheek and then her jaw line. He could already hear her heart, beating faster as he brushed her neck with his lips. He pulled his arm out from under her leg, loving the feeling as she instantly wrapped that leg around him, using both to draw him deeper into her. He used one arm to prop himself up and the other arm to gently massage her breast, fingers taking the nipple and rolling it lightly.

She couldn’t help it when she tensed slightly, feeling Angel’s lips against her neck. She had several small marks there from their lovemaking sessions. He tried to bite the same place twice but in the heat of the moment, he didn’t always hit that particular mark as he was too busy hitting another. She groaned deeply as he put his mouth against her neck, starting to suck on the flesh there. When he pulled up to look at her, she frowned. He stopped for the moment, both his hips and his hands. “What’s wrong?”

“Your makeup. It tastes…wrong.” He reached over, dipping fingers into the water from the melted ice and rubbing it on the section of neck he was working on before wiping it off with the sheet. He wanted to taste her, taste his Cordelia.

“I only have to do that because someone keeps leaving bite marks.” She reached down, slapping his ass as best she could in her position. “You better not stop again.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t.” He gave her a lascivious grin before lowering to her neck. He moved his hips, a more steady rhythm now, no more of the slow strokes to enjoy the feelings of being together, of being inside her.

“Yeah…that’s…good.” She managed to get out, trying to meet his now short, fast strokes with her body. She smiled as she felt his hand slipping from her breast to move over her sides. She knew exactly where that hand was going and it couldn’t get there fast enough. As his hand slid between their bodies, she let out an appreciative moan when he reached the right spot.

Angel knew that they were both close. He kissed her neck, knowing that she’d have one heck of a hickey to cover tomorrow morning. He sort of liked that. The bites on her inner thigh were for his eyes only but the ones on her neck, they let everyone know that she was his, he had claimed her, and if anyone touched her, he would rip their heads off. The thought of violence, of defending Cordelia, only spurred him on. He moved faster. He was waiting, waiting for that moment right before her climax, when her blood was the sweetest to him.

“Angel.” She said his name softly as she felt his cool fingers against her clit rubbing in quick circles to bring her to climax. He didn’t have to wait long, her legs pulling him in closer to her, wrapping around tighter, the hand in his hand clenching into a fist. She cried out once more, a mixture of several noises but all of them pleasurable.

Feeling her tighten around him was too much. His face changed once more, his lips already at her neck, fangs sinking in quickly. He thrust hard into her with each burst of his release. He drank deeply from her as he climaxed, riding out her wave of pleasure, tasting it in her blood, helping his own intense orgasm.

She felt his fingers stop against her as he climaxed, his body focusing only on thrusting into her those last few times. She kept her eyes closed tight. It was an odd feeling each time that he drank from her. The sensation of his fangs, of her life slipping away with each swallow, was only heightened through her orgasm, her body overly aware of each nerve ending now.

He moved his hand from her sex but stayed inside her for a moment. Taking his mouth from her neck, he rested his head against her shoulder. He kept swallowing, trying to get every precious drop from his mouth, from his teeth, his lips. He knew that he would be matching her heavy breathing, her drumming heart, if he was alive.

Cordelia touched the back of his head softly. She knew he needed a bit of recovery time. She turned her head to kiss his temple lightly. “I love you” she whispered, saying it with a smile that carried into her voice.

“I love you, too,” he managed to say.

She was about to say something else when there came a knock at the door followed by a timid Texan voice. “Um, hey you two. Wes went and got some fans and Lorne brought some friends over from the club. Party’s really going now if you wanna come down?”

Cordy pulled herself to the side, calling back. “Give us just a bit, Fred. Angel’s changing into his pirate costume. He decided two James Bonds were too many.” She looked at Angel, giving him a grin.

He knew in that moment he’d be going as a pirate, ugly puffy shirt and all. He looked at the pirate hat on Cordy’s head, still there even after their love making, and smiled. Maybe being a pirate wasn’t so bad after all. He’d at least have the sexiest pirate lady in the world with him. For tonight and for a very long time after.
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devylish: cordy uhduh base by xlivvielockexdevylish on November 20th, 2008 06:47 pm (UTC)
havent' even read it yet... i'm just gonna comment on the fact that I LOVE the title... it gave me teh giggles!
Kelly: Cordy: SQUEExlivvielockex on December 9th, 2008 03:14 am (UTC)
I was totally laughing when I thought up the title. Sometimes, you just have to go there. LOL
Heather: Nathan Shower Hot Hot Hotdejahnerra on November 20th, 2008 07:01 pm (UTC)
Uh...yeah.. that was hot!
Kelly: C/A Holidaysxlivvielockex on December 9th, 2008 03:14 am (UTC)
Thank you. :)
devylish: cord angel dance by katekatdevylish on November 20th, 2008 08:18 pm (UTC)
how utterly THEM
Kelly: C/A Comicxlivvielockex on December 9th, 2008 03:15 am (UTC)
Thank you. I think even in PWP, you need decent characterization.
Adelheidiithinkitisayit on January 7th, 2009 04:04 am (UTC)
Ya' know, I don't think Angel knows the proper or semi-proper way to plunder Cordy's booty. C'mon missionary-style?! That's nowhere *near* her booty, man!! It's hot all the same, but where's the hot doggy style?! There aren't enough Cangel fics of Angel entering Cordelia doggy style (well, not enough really really hot and well written Cangel fics of this nature) ;).
Kelly: C/A Steady to Hellxlivvielockex on January 7th, 2009 06:35 pm (UTC)
Well, it was supposed to be booty as in the pirate term, treasure. And really, doesn't matter how Angel takes that treasure. LOL

If you want some hot doggy style, head over the Stranger Things Smut-A-Thon and ask for someone to write it for you. We can always use more prompts. :)
Adelheidiithinkitisayit on January 7th, 2009 10:16 pm (UTC)
Yes, I know, but you could've made it a double entendre*!

*Sorry for the piss poor spelling, but I couldn't find that word in the two dictionaries I have, and I can't be bothered to go to THE GOOGLE and find the correct spelling.

And actually, I'm thinking of writing my own A/C story for V-Day, though I'd need someone else to write the smut part. All I got at the moment is Cordy making a "Yes, No, Maybe" list and handing it to Angel. Maybe as a Memo, cause that'd be adorable!
Lucyxxlucyferxx on May 4th, 2009 03:31 am (UTC)
Mmkay, don't want to be annoying with a bunch of comments on old stories, but I gotta say I LOVE your work. There's nothing like flicking through your C/A stories to cheer up a house-bound cold-ridden fangirl. :D This story is gorgeous, hits just the right balance of sexy and funny as hell.

*wanders off drooling*
Kelly: C/A Steady to Hellxlivvielockex on June 9th, 2009 08:03 pm (UTC)
You are so not even remotely annoying with comments on old fics. As a writer, I know that we LOVE comments on ANY fics. It's like writer's fuel, you know. Old, new, it is all good.

But it really makes me smile that you like my work that much. I can't put into words how much it means to me.

And sorry for the late reply, I was battling some of the cold-ridden thing myself. :)