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21 March 2008 @ 10:07 am
Why I love Mike  
I was talking to Mike this morning and showing him the pictures that nikkiwawa79 posted at angeluncensored of the Paley Center event and an event DB and Jaime went to. Among our complaints about the lack of Charisma on the screens, we (jokingly) talked about how cool it would be if DB threw his producer credit around to get CC on Bones. And this gem came out from Mike:

Oh, that would be good to get her on Bones. Though Emily might not like it so much. She'd totally take it away from her even though she's the title character. I mean how could you not see DB and CC on screen together and just want to see them run for the nearest flat surface?

I love him so much somedays. LOL

Assorted Paley Center pics
Just Charisma HAWTNESS
DB and Jaime
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Adelheidi: AtS - Waiting in the Wings - C/A Kiss w/ithinkitisayit on March 28th, 2008 09:16 pm (UTC)

I thought it was stupid how the writers/producers kept themselves "boxed" in by not writing about nearby fighters, or even having and subplots about good demons fighting for human rights or something Yeah, there was that good demon Angel killed, but as far as I've seen, that's it (excluding Doyle who didn't do much until he sacrificed himself). I never understood why the writers didn't have another Champion's seer get a vision about evil!Cordy (if we absolutely had to suffer with evil!Cordy, instead of the writers being good and hiding Charisma's pregnancy and locking Cordy up in an alternate dimension or something Charisma's pregnancy leave), or why there was no other champion to help Angel out with the Beast. OH! I don't get why there wasn't another champion who'd try to step in and help Wesley in taking Connor somewhere safe, and keep him away from Holtz, in order to prevent him from becomming the Schmuck aka. another Dawn.

Dawn served her purpose for S5, was useless for S6, finally found a rather lame purpose S7. Of course, BtVS had jumped the shark by S7, IMHO, so it's not like there was a lot of room for improvement. Connor served his purpose in making Angel feel human, and I guess the writers ran out of ideas for baby!Connor, so they had him kidnapped and turned into the Schmuck. I haven't seen all of S3 & S4 yet, so I can't say if I feel Connor's *entire* teenage existence in those seasons were lame, but the parts I have seen, he's been pretty useless/lame. I imagine that's why the writers made Angel sign up with W&H: because they ran out of plot ideas for Schmucky Connor, and needed to get rid of him. The perfect way to do that is to have Angel wipe his memory, and force the Schmuck to freeload off someone else.

I know I haven't seen all of S3 or S4, but I always thought that Cordy's healing touch (assuming I recall right, and she did use her healing powers on him) would've helped make him "average Joe!" enough that he could get along with Angel. Of course, I hate the very idea of the ScarFace/Holtz plot. I liked the Angel bones Darla and gets Connor plot (though I would've preferred he boned Cordy or Buffy to get the baby. Preferably Buffy, because I'd love to see how that works out, and I'd love to just bathe in the angst! XD), and I liked the plot that let Angel be a father, but I don't like the idea of Connor being taken from Angel. I feel that if Connor must be sent to Hell, that he should return to Angel at the age of 5, sans Holtz (after all, isn't that when Holtz starts training Connor as if he's a drug-sniffing dog?).
Adelheidi: GG - L/L Sitting Side by Sideithinkitisayit on March 28th, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
Re: Plots I have hated on ATS
Wow, attack of the caps lock in the title! Sorry 'bout that!