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25 February 2008 @ 11:54 am
Movie Quote Meme ANSWERS  
Since it has been over a week and I know people are just dying for the answers (note the sarcasm there), here we go. (And I think my taste in movies only further proves I am insane. LOL)

1. "Whoever it was, they put the dynamite under the passenger's side. But what they didn't know, what nobody outside the factory knew, was that that model car was made with a metal plate under the driver's seat. It's the only thing that saved my life." CASINO

2. "Well I could think of three things I'd like to do. One would involve some ice cubes and a nine iron. Two would involve a buffalo, live or stuffed, preferably stuffed for safety sake, and three, we bring back some of those ice cubes and switch it over to a pitching wedge." BILLY MADISON guessed by damnskippytoo

3. "It's funny how beautiful people are when they're walking out the door." VELVET GOLDMINE

4. "Variety's the spice of life. I like a wide selection. Sometimes I'm in the mood for nasty close-ups, sometimes I like them arty and air-brushed. Sometimes it's a spread brown-eye kind of night, sometimes it's girl-on-girl time. Sometimes a steamy letter will do it, sometimes - not often, but sometimes - I like the idea of a chick with a horse." CHASING AMY

5. "The only thing that worried me was the actual killing. How does one do that? Hmmm? How does one kill a man? It's one thing to dream about it; very different when, when you, when you have to do it with your own hands."AMADEUS guessed by lauratd

6. "After my divorce from Luther I scraped by with baby-sitting gigs and odd jobs - mostly the jobs we call blow."HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH guessed by lauratd

7. "You... all of you... you who hunger so for what I give, but cannot bear to see such power in a woman. You call God's greatest gift... ourselves, our yearning, our need to love... you call it filth and sin and heresy." DANGEROUS BEAUTY guessed by easy_to_corrupt

8. "When I'm high, I AM Odetta. Let's get naked and smoke."HAIRSPRAY (original) guessed by boy_named_susie

9. "Bitch, you bring me these goddamn cotton dra... you know I don't wear no fuckin' cotton draws!" DOLEMITE

10. "Raising daughters is like cooking a meal. You lose your appetite by the time you're finished." EAT, DRINK, MAN, WOMAN

11. "Naturally, the sight of a dog and a cat watching an egg brought the usual string of gawkers... and thrill-seekers." MILO & OTIS

12. "Don't worry Shakespeare, you'll get your ending. Once the Duke gets his end-in."MOULIN ROUGE guessed by rayruz

13. "She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?"PSYCHO (original) guessed by easy_to_corrupt

14. "You are a whore, darlin'." SHOWGIRLS

15. "Women! They let 'em vote, smoke and drive - even put 'em in pants! And what happens? A Democrat for president!" FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!

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Heather: SMGamericangrl69 on February 25th, 2008 07:00 pm (UTC)
I love Milo & Otis. That's such a cute movie.