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11 December 2007 @ 11:07 am
Giftmas Cards (cause everyone is doing it, yo!)  
It is that time of year and being the slacker that I am, I am not going to do my cards until this weekend. Considering I always have a ton left after friends and family, if anyone wants a Giftmas card (complete with a picture of my cats in santa hats (no, really, ask diseased_inside) ) then just let me know.

Screened comments, yada, yada, leave your address, yada, yada, or email me at jjsoapchat at yahoo dot com, yada, yada, will do international cause well, have to send a buttload of cards to Spain and Italy, yada, yada. And don't assume that just because I had your address before, I still have it. I am notorious for losing my own head. So yes, resend addys if you want gifties.

You guys know the Giftmas card drill.

Also, if anyone out there is stuck on what to get for that someone special in your life, I want to recommend Heifer.org, a BBB Accredited Charity. End hunger throughout the world by teaching people HOW to fish, not giving them a fish. (I recommend the flock of chicks. Affordable and amazing)