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Friday Night Lights Fans!

I know I have a couple Friday Night Lights fans on my list. I just came across this over on freestuff. I didn't do much checking into it but it seems fairly legit.

Host a Friday Night Lights House Party !!! (Party Date - 09/14/2007)

If selected as a host, you'll receive...

- A Collector's DVD, with greetings from the cast and exclusive sneak peek of the first episode of Season 2

- A bonus DVD, with 4 episodes plus a Producer's Choice episode from Season 1, and a sneak peek of the new NBC show, The Bionic Woman

- Great collectibles for you and your guests, including rally towels, stadium seat cushions, stadium cups, megaphones, beverage koozies... even FNL microwave popcorn!

- Special gifts and offers from party sponsors
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