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Website Recs

I have two really interesting websites to share.

The first might help out a lot of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly fans who maybe don't have the DVDs but want to watch episodes LEGALLY. Yes, legally. (They provide links to streaming videos on third party sites, there is no downloading involved. So legal for all intents and purposes)

TV LINKS is a new website which provides streaming video of television shows, documentries, animes, music videos, and movies.

Angel, Buffy, and Firefly are just a few of the many many television shows available.

You may have to download the newest version of DivX. I had to. But once I did, I was really impressed. Commercial free streaming programming with almost no skips or buffering. The video quality is really top notch for a lot of the shows as well. If any episodes are dead links, there is an easy button to report them and the site takes care of getting new working links.

In addition, there is also a new website out there called Associated Content which is a people's media site. It is a community of people who share what they know in the form of articles, images, and video. You can get exposure for your knowledge (and even get paid!)

An amazing writer (who happens to be on my flist) named Shannon Barber wrote an incredible editorial about the Simulation Debate that has been in the news lately.

So check them both out. You will not be disappointed.
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