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25 June 2007 @ 06:48 pm
Non-Whedonverse Drabbles  
For people that asked for Whedonverse drabbles after I posted the first set, they will be coming tomorrow. The people who asked for Doctor Who, I need to watch a few more episodes to get the voice down a little better. I wasn't happy with what I wrote. But for the rest of you guys, this is what I have so far. :)

For boy_named_susie (I made this less spoilerific)

Atia could taste the ash in her mouth. Filling her cheeks until it spilt forth from her lips, down the back of her throat. Her nostrils flared, desperate for air. She clawed at her throat. She would tear off her skin, her flesh, offer it to whatever god would have her if she could breathe.

She woke with a start. The sweat soaked sheets clung to her body. She felt the hot sting of wounds on her neck. Her hands were covered in blood, skin pilled under her fingernails.

She uttered a single name, that who had cursed her. Servilia.

For boy_named_susie (You have to imagine the italics is Ron Howard's voice. Totally new writing style too.)

George Oscar Bluth the Second, after getting kicked out of the Magician’s Alliance, was finding it harder and harder to get any sort of work.

[cut to Gob at children’s party. Little boy approaches]

Mister? [boy tugs on Gob’s pants] Would you show me how you did that trick with the cards?

[Gob looks down, shouts] What? Who sent you, sonny? Are you here from the Alliance? Oh, they think they can get one over on me, do they? Come on!

[boy’s lip quivers, runs away crying]

And that was the first and last time Gob met his biggest fan.

For leobrat

Getting all sentimental doesn’t exactly help in this line of work. All the cheaters, shattered relationships, made me kind of cynical but a loveable cynic!


Hard not to think sometimes of the what-ifs. Just packed up and gone with Duncan to where ever. I’d be a decent mom. Better than my mom. And the couple of hours with the kid, I think I did pretty well. I didn’t run off with her college money to spend on booze so I get some points there. Maybe she’d look up at me one day and…

Hurts less to be a cynic.

For boy_named_susie

Veronica found herself wedged between a dumpster and a warehouse wall when flashlight blinded her.

“Shoulda known it would be you.”

She knew that voice. Damn. Lamb.

“What’re you doing out here?”

“Oh, you know…” Veronica stood up. “Working out the biceps. Have to get them in shape for the big battle royale. I like to lift crates to work the glutes.”

Lamb flicked his wrist. “Move it. This is a crime scene.” He grabbed Veronica’s arm, pausing before he pulled her out of her hidey-hole.

“Oh yeah, know someone that wants two tickets to the gun show.” Veronica grinned.

For leobrat

Weevil never lied to her. It was comforting after a boyfriend who did nothing but. He didn’t try to hide who he was, his past. He was simply Weevil. He got that sometimes, she just couldn’t talk about her work. He knew, he had a taste of it. He knew the criminal element. She never got fifty calls a day when she was on a case. Always willing to help her out too.

Then she woke up one day to find herself in love with him. No burning obsession, no need to be with you insanity. Simple. Nice. Just love.

For chrissy_ny

“Just leave it alone. Mine doesn’t need to be fixed.” Sean protested as he moved Christian away from the wall.

“This isn’t Miami. We are in Los Angeles. We have to keep up an image here. It isn’t tit jobs and vagina lifts on old retirees anymore. We are going to be looking at celebrity pussy.” Christian replied. He reached over, straightening out the picture on the wall again. It only made Sean look more agitated.

“Yours takes up half the wall and well, if you were going to get professional headshots taken, couldn’t you have at least told me?”

For sl_podcast (This is a double drabble)

“So, Veronica, Eli tells us that you are thinking about becoming a federal agent?”

Veronica swallowed her bite of tamale, looking up at Weevil’s grandmother. “Oh, yeah. You know, bust the bad guys, get myself a Mulder, wear snazzy suits from Dress Barn.”

Mrs. Navarro just chuckled. “You have a fiery spirit. I think that is just what Eli needs.”

Veronica caught Weevil blushing just slightly. It formed pink blotches all around his head. She resisted the urge to taunt him. She’d have plenty of time to do that later.

“Grandma!” Weevil said, rubbing his head and down to the back of his neck. His grandma just whacked his hand with a wooden spoon. He jerked his hand away.

“Well, I hope you like my cooking.”

“It is great, Mrs. Navarro but I think I am enjoying the side of Eli torture more. Now that is something you don’t get every place, dinner and a show.” Veronica just smiled as Weevil blushed once more. She’d have to keep that in mind. Something about making a PCHer blush, just gave her a warm, tingly feeling inside.

“Can I see the ring again? I never knew my Eli had such good taste.”
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Chrissy: Quote: eyesex momentschrissy_ny on June 26th, 2007 01:56 am (UTC)
OMG! That is dead on!

Thank you so much (I seem to be saying that a lot today) :)

I just love the Sean/Christian relationship.
Kellyxlivvielockex on June 26th, 2007 07:18 am (UTC)
Suprisingly, Sean and Christian were really easy to write for me. I just hope the new season in LA is better than last season. I still miss the feel of S1 (and I wish Megan hadn't of committed suicide). I miss Gina and I really really really hope Liz is going to end up in LA too. As long as they stay FAR away from any more Carver crap, I will be happy though.
Chrissy: N/T Sean and Christianchrissy_ny on June 26th, 2007 01:30 pm (UTC)
I think there is real potential for it to be good. They basically have a "clean slate" to work with.

Liz is awesome-I hope she follows them too. What I loved about the finale last season is it sort of went full circle to season 1-almost as if that chapter is closed. I didn't love the carver storyline either.

I guess another big question is will Julia and the kids go there??? Is it September yet? (though currently I am enjoying Rescue Me) lol

Sarah: Brothersboy_named_susie on June 26th, 2007 02:10 am (UTC)

LOL, *perfect* Gob. And you had the narration down pat too. I so heard Ron Howard's voice and Gob's voice when I read that. LOL, absolutely love it.

I love the description in the Atia drabble. I hope she kicks Servilia's ass in the second season of Rome.

Hehe, great first Lamb/V drabble. I really liked the V/Weevil drabbles as well, particularly the one for leobrat - perfect last few lines on that one.

You are awesome as usual babe! Okay, now I'm off to bed to nurse my cold/sinus infection.
Kelly: AD: Money or Candyxlivvielockex on June 26th, 2007 07:20 am (UTC)
Yes! You need to be resting. I am really glad you like them. The Gob one was so super easy. It was like I watched a few AD eps and there it was.

The Atia one...oh man...I can't wait until you see S2. Seriously.

I know you wanted some romantic V/Lamb but they just weren't having it. Sorry. But hey, I made up for it with V/Weevil. :)
Sarah: Lamb/Veronica telling the truthboy_named_susie on June 26th, 2007 06:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah, still not feeling better but worse actually - hence responding to you in the middle of the day cause I called off work.

"Come on!" To quote Gob again - how can you not be feeling some romantic Lamb/V? Yes, I know, I am in the super-super-super minority here with my Lamb/V love. At least you wrote some cute Weevil/V, LOL.
lauratdlauratd on June 26th, 2007 04:40 am (UTC)
These are great! I haven't started Rome yet, but your drabble makes me want to move it up my Netflix list.

The Arrested Development was spot on.

I have no idea who Christian and Sean are and I'm still processing the new information that there is such a thing as a vagina lift...*squicked to the nth power*

But my favorites have to be the Veronica/Wevil ones. I always wondered why she would go for whiny bad boy Logan when there was mucho caliente bad boy Wevil around.
Kelly: Rome: Heart Pulloxlivvielockex on June 26th, 2007 07:22 am (UTC)
Get Rome. Get it now. Move it to the top of your list. Seriously. I got Sarah hooked on it after my best friend got me hooked on it. It is just that good.

Christian and Sean are from the F/X guilty pleasure Nip/Tuck. It is really like a nighttime soap with tons of sex. LOL It is shameless and I love it.

Sadly, all I hear on the radio are ads for "rejuvinating your down under". Vagina lifts, reconstruction, and hymen restoration are really big right now. Hope that squicked you even further. LOL

But I love me some V/Weevil. I really wish she would have dumped Logan's emo ass so he could go jump off a bridge like momma. And then she could have had hot latino love. I mean, Lilly did Logan, V did Logan. Lilly did Weevil, come on V, stick to the pattern! :)
lauratdlauratd on June 26th, 2007 12:45 pm (UTC)
hymen reconhuh???

OK, seriously, while having your hoo-hoo re-tuned sounds sick and painful, at least I get why someone would want the end result- not enough to wind up with scar tissue where no scar tissue should be, and really why not just buy those barbell things, but there is a glimpse of a possible reason there

But seriously girls, just tell him you did a lot of horseback riding as a young girl or do what they did in the good old dark ages and use a sponge and sheep's blood.

I've just never sat around going, "Gee, I really miss my hymen, because that searing pain, *that* was fun!"

*shakes head and realizes she just will never understand some people*

Sarah: Jackassboy_named_susie on June 26th, 2007 06:49 pm (UTC)
Put Rome at the top of the list NOW! Seriously, it's awesome!

"I always wondered why she would go for whiny bad boy Logan when there was mucho caliente bad boy Wevil around."

You do my heart good with that quote. I adore VM, but one of the reasons I'm not more active in that fandom is the sickeningly adoration for Logan, who I wish would have followed his mother's example by jumping off the Coranado Bridge. What really irritates me is how they made you think she was going to go for Weevil in those first few eps of season one and then went *gotcha* it's gonna be sucky Logan. Meh.