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31 December 2006 @ 07:49 pm
2006 C/A Standalone Fiction  
C/A Standalone:

Going Home by Kelly & Mike: http://xlivvielockex.livejournal.com/1087.html (Angel has defeated the Senior Partners and now can finally go home)

Haute Couture by Kelly: http://xlivvielockex.livejournal.com/11556.html (Cordelia goes shopping and can't get a certain vamp out of her head)

Memos by Kelly: http://xlivvielockex.livejournal.com/1900.html (Angel snaps after Cordelia's death. Crack!fic)

Midnight Visitation by Mike: http://xlivvielockex.livejournal.com/517.html (Angel visits Cordelia in the hospital)

Morning After by Mike: http://xlivvielockex.livejournal.com/1632.html (The morning after Cordelia gives Angel that perfect moment)

Some Great Reward by Kelly: http://xlivvielockex.livejournal.com/1404.html (Cordelia finds a love letter from Angel)

Truth or Treat by Kelly and Mike: http://xlivvielockex.livejournal.com/10411.html & http://xlivvielockex.livejournal.com/10653.html (Cordelia and Angel take a case from David Nabbitt that doesn't turn out as expected)