Kelly (xlivvielockex) wrote,

Earth Drabble for Open On Sunday

Written for the "Earth" prompt at open_on_sunday:

Title: Don’t Make Waves
Author: xlivvielockex
Timeline: Between Angel Season 3 and 4. (LJ cut for spoilers, just in case. Found a couple of people around that are just discovering Angel. :) )

He wanted to feel the ground again. Scoop up big clumps of soil from the garden of the Hyperion. Let grains from Venice Beach slip through his fingers. Crush the landscaping rocks of the houses in Bel Air to dust in his powerful hands.

He would even take the hard, impersonal feel of concrete pounding back against his feet as he chased demons. Or asphalt, that turned to a BBQ grill in the L.A. heat, sliding under the tires of the GTX.

He wanted solid. He wanted his city. He wanted sky overhead, earth undernearth, angels in the middle.
Tags: 2007, char: ats: angel(us), fic: drabbles, fic: gen, site: open on sunday, tv: ats
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