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31 December 2007 @ 11:54 am
2007 Whedonverse Drabbles Masterlist  
2007 Whedonverse Drabbles Masterlist

True Drabbles: 102
Double Drabbles: 3

01. Aftermath: (Cordelia drabble)
02-06. Five Smutty Moments Cordelia and Angel Never Had: (C/A)
07-11. Four Times Faith Was Tricked & One Time She Was Treated: (Buffy/Faith)

xlivvielockex's Prompt Me-A-Thon
12. Cordelia/Angel, monkey
13. Anyone, Angel dancing
14. Willow/Tara, magic
15. Fred, Harmony, drunken girls night out
16. Spike-centric, heaven
17. Faith/Gunn, boots
18. Cordelia/Angel, BCBGirls pumps
19. Joyce/Giles, anything
20. Cordelia/Angel, crumping
21. Wes, Lilah, echo
22. Fred/Gunn, movie theater
23. Dawn, Buffy, Joyce, Only happy when it rains
24. Angel, Dru, pump

25. Strength (C/A drabble)
26. Programs (C/A drabble)

27. Weight Watchers (Angel S5)
28. Elementary, My Dear (Snyder, pre-Series)
29. Drunk Dialing (Doyle/Harry, Post-Hero)
30. Dread Pirate Roberts (Sweet, genfic)
31. The Evil Deeds of Harmony Kendall (Harmony, genfic)
32. The Night Cibo Matto Wrote "Stone" (Spike/Dru, Cibo Matto)
33. Don't Trust The Internet (Angel, Cordelia, genfic)
34. Movie Night (Angel, Wesley, Cordelia)
35. Nothing Comes Between (Buffy, Movieverse)

36. Bonding (Gunn, pre-ATS)
37. Getting Lucky (ATS Ensemble, genfic)
38. Starstruck (BTVS Ensemble, genfic)
39. Kodak Moment (Implied C/A, Angel S5)
40. Jessica Cosby's Day Off (Buffy, genfic)
41. Bartering (Anya, genfic)
42. What's In A Name? (Lorne, genfic, Pre-ATS)
43. Reparations (Cordelia, genfic)
44. Not Your Standard Deduction (Cordelia, Angel, friendship)
45. Don't Make Waves (Angel, genfic)
46. Munching on Paris (Random vampire, genfic)
47. Bestow (Cordelia, genfic)
48. Straight Flush (Spike/Dru)

49. Traffic Stop (Lindsey)
50. Fairy Tales (Fred)
51. The Perfect Pair (Wesley)
52. Hindsight (Drusilla)
53. Glamour (Willow)
54. Failure (Lilah)
55. Constant Cravings (Oz)
56. Paradise Attained (Anya)
57-61. Five Bits of Ink Charles Gunn Never Got (Gunn)
62. It's A Wonderful Life (Faith)
63. Moving (Faith)
64. Last Boy Scout (Riley)
65. Always Hurts the First Time (Gwen)
66. Lies My Friends Told Me (Dawn)
67. Hell (Holtz)
68. Knowledge (Angel, C/A implied)
69. Last Touch (Angel, C/A implied)
70. Truthiness (Angel, C/A implied)
71. Too Many Cooks (Angel)
72-76. Five Shoes Cordelia Chase Never Owned (Cordelia)
77. Braveheart (Cordelia)
78. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini (Ethan)
79. Four and Whores Are Wild (Clem)
80. A Guy Thing (Xander, mentions Willow/Tara)
81. Powers That Screw Ya (Doyle)
82. Rosa Parks Never Envisioned This (Mr. Trick)
83. Broke (Tara, Willow/Tara implied)
84-87. Four Songs Lorne Never Sang (Lorne)
88. He Watched Her (Darla)
89. Kitty Genovese (Darla)
90. Sheep Go to Heaven (Darla)
91. Winning Hand (Buffy)
92. Few Things Better in Life (Andrew)
93. Connor Rising (Connor)
94. Two Halves, Same Whole (Justine)
95. The One (Giles)
96. After Angel (Kate)
97. Started Into Unlife (No Fire) (Spike)

98-102. Four Ghosts of Christmas Past and One Ghost of Christmas Future (Angel)

Double Drabbles:
01. Cordelia, Lindsey, lost
02. Kennedy, Willow, Jenny:
03. Factory Guy (Original Character)
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poisontearss on February 19th, 2007 03:29 am (UTC)
MAN. So many drabbles! You rock! I'll give these all a read, eventually. ^_^ Thanks for posting.
Kelly: Internet Addictxlivvielockex on February 19th, 2007 09:02 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I have gotten slightly addicted to the drabble as of late. LOL And the list will just keep going and going. I figured this was at least an easy way to organize them all. :)