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16 January 2007 @ 11:23 am
Five Cordelia drabbles for Good__Evil  
Title: Five Shoes Cordelia Chase Never Owned
Author: xlivvielockex
Rating: PG
Character: Cordelia
Word Count: 500 (5 100 word drabbles)

Cordelia looked into the glass window at one of the upscale boutiques on Rodeo. She didn’t know why she came here, she couldn’t afford a scarf, let alone a whole outfit. Maybe it was to escape her life. She stared with a lustful gaze at the Manolos. They were perfect, a shining example of craftsmanship and high fashion. But the price tag, that was more than her rent and bills for three months. Her stomach growled, pulling her from fantasies of Hollywood parties and rubbing elbows with the stars. She headed back to her haunted apartment and a frozen pizza.


“Put them on, cow.” The troll of a woman yelled as she pushed the “shoes” closer towards Cordelia.

“My god, what are those made of? Dung and straw? This potato sack was degrading enough! You know, people work better when they feel better. And my designer accessories make ME feel better!” Cordelia protested, regardless of consequences.

“I paid a good pig for you so do as you are told.” Cordelia felt the sharp sting of the collar as the old demon woman pressed the button down. She tossed the shoes at her “cow”. She wasn’t even worth that one pig.


Cordelia was walking along a broadwalk in Mexico. It wasn’t so much a boardwalk as a collection of people with folding tables. She paused at one of them, picking up a pair of knitted baby booties. They were colorful, like a rainbow, and just holding them in her hand was enough to bring a smile to her face. She missed them all. She didn’t realize how much she needed her family until she was away from them.

She paid for the booties, putting them into her bag. She couldn’t wait to get back to put them on Connor’s tiny feet.


She was screaming but the thing couldn’t hear her. She was so angry as she watched this thing using her body trying to jam its swollen feet into her most treasured pairs of Jimmy Choos. Angel had given those to her as part of her Please Forgive Me clothing package present. Sure, this thing hijacked her body and used it for disgusting unspeakable acts (can we say eww, much?) but this was pushing it. It broke the strap even as it tried to jam that pregnancy inflated gunboat into the slingbacks. Who wears high heels when they are pregnant anyway?!


Wes and Angel looked uncomfortable. But they deserved it. They had stuck her in a hospital and she knew when they visited. They probably thought ‘oh, coma victim, can’t hear a thing’ but she heard it all. She picked up a pair of Manolo heels. She knew she would be leaving soon, all part of the deal. But The Powers never said she couldn’t at least look good for her limited time on Earth. She had traded so much, just for this pair of shoes. They all had. She would fix that, as soon as she got a matching purse.