Kelly (xlivvielockex) wrote,

Gwen drabble for good__evil

Title: Always Hurts The First Time
Author: xlivvielockex
Rating: R-ish
Character: Gwen
Word Count: 100

It always hurts the first time.

It was more of an uncomfortableness, a feeling of being full, some sort of new sensation. And a bit of burning, like an irritation. All the gymnastics and stretching of her body to make her the best thief made this moment easier.

It always hurts the first time.

A week passed, there was no call. Nothing to tell her that he had a good time, to do it again. She had been expecting the phone to ring, if only to say I never want to see you again.

It always hurts the first time.
Tags: 2007, char: ats: gwen, fic: drabbles, fic: gen, site: good evil, tv: ats
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