Kelly (xlivvielockex) wrote,

Two Faith drabbles for Good__Evil

Title: It's A Wonderful Life
Author: xlivvielockex
Rating: G
Word Count: 100

In Faith’s coma dreams, every day was Thanksgiving. Not the ones she was used to growing up in Boston where the only turkey was Wild Turkey, mom was passed out drunk before the parade, and one of her “uncles” kept trying to have sex with her. In her dreams, she was Faith Summers, sister to Buffy, daughter of Joyce, captain of the dance team. She was dating Xander Harris and she was voted Homecoming Queen. She was a model student by day and protector of the people by night. Everyone loved her. And she always got to carve the turkey.

Title: Moving
Author: xlivvielockex
Rating: PG-15ish
Word Count: 100

She was a restless spirit. After Sunnydale became crater city, all she needed was a bike and some leathers. She loved the way the leather smelt, how it felt against her skin. It was like the intimate touch of a lover, only leathers lasted for more than one night. She didn’t need much, just a town with a bar, a cheap motel, and some demons that needed to be taught who The Slayer was. With thousands of untrained girls out there, it was her job to keep the fear behind that word. She always kept moving forward, never looking back.
Tags: 2007, char: btvs: faith, fic: drabbles, fic: gen, site: good evil, tv: btvs
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