Kelly (xlivvielockex) wrote,

Five Gunn drabbles for Good__Evil

Title: Five Bits of Ink Charles Gunn Never Got
Author: xlivvielockex
Rating: PG-15ish
Word Count: 100

He watched the whole thing from the house. He watched his father, carrying groceries, fall to his knees. He looked like he was kneeling for Sunday service. But the boy on the porch knew better. He knew that a slug to your back from a drive-by was going to send you to your knees.

He couldn’t watch his father fall nor his mother rush out of the house, pushing the young boy aside. All he could watch was the way the groceries flew up out of the bag, like they were suddenly set free from their brown paper prison.


“Stake him already, youngblood.” The voice came echoing off the alley walls and straight into Charles Gunn’s ears. It bounced around in his head to join the million thoughts running through his head at lightening speed as he looked at the vampire across from him. The vampire that he had pinned to the alley wall. He thought of his father’s death, his mother’s suicide, of the two foster homes he had been in before he escaped. He had a family now. He had to prove his place. He pulled his arm back quickly and then connected with the vampire’s chest.


Nobody knew that he kept her in a box under his bed. Nothing fancy because they never did have nothing fancy. Just a box from a pair of shoes she always wanted, a pair of shoes he could have never gotten her. He kept her with her favorite teddy bear. Wasn’t much, it was something he had fished out of a dumpster and cleaned up for her. Nobody knew that he pulled that box out every night and he told what was left of her that he was sorry. He made a promise to her and he had failed her.


He knew that he was her first and inside, his male ego swelled with pride. Wasn’t hard to figure out considering nobody had been able to touch her until now. But she moved with the same grace and skill as a predatory cat and he wasn’t complaining. He liked the way her skin felt, how smooth. It was like milk under his dark fingertips. It hurt her at first, of course it did, he was Charles Gunn. Then again, they had both had too much pain in their life, too much death, what was another little death between momentary partners?


He fell to his knees in the rain soaked alley, the blood from the wound escaping freely. He tried to keep his insides in with a large hand as he looked up to see the vampire looming above him. He blinked the rain from his eyes. Why was he here? He made a promise. He already let them get Alonna, Fred. They weren’t going to get the rest of the world. He didn’t keep all his promises but this one, he would. He jabbed the stake up, missing the vampire. It was the last valiant effort as death closed in.


A/N: This is my first time doing this kind of story so hopefully, I did it correctly. Gunn is my second favorite character in the series and I am working off the street culture that he was raised in, in which black men get black ink tattoos to mark significant events/memberships in their lives.
Tags: 2007, char: ats: gunn, fic: drabbles, fic: five things, fic: gen, site: good evil, tv: ats
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