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13 June 2006 @ 09:08 pm
Birth of an Awakening by Mike  
Title: Birth of an Awakening
Autor: Mike
Rating: PG-13
Email: stephenclayexperience AT yahoo DOT com
Content: Angelus POV upon awakening
Summary: Liam, reborn as Angelus takes his first steps in his new world. His first killings.
Disclaimer: The characrters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. This was not written intending infringement.

Moving to the old man I see him get the fear. I smell it on him. I hear the heartbeat race. Yes, I know what I must do…survive. I’ve got the old man. Can’t even think of him as anything but food. He can’t fight me and before he can make a scream, I have opened the vein in his neck with those sharp fangs I now posses. The hot, steaming, life-giving fluid floods my mouth and washes down my throat. It’s more intoxicating then the finest whiskey, more so then opium. I drink him dry and when he can give no more, I drop his cold, lifeless body to the ground.

This is not enough. I want more. The pain of my birth giving way to my hunger. She looks at me and asks me what I want. I know what I want. I head for my father’s house.

Knocking on the door she answers. Katharine. Sweet, innocent Katy. So beautiful. Her long dark hair and dark eyes, that slight pout in her lips. She looks up at me with a face that has all the signs of having cried for days with grief.

“Liam,” she says, “you’ve come back to me. Are you here as my angel? I knew you’d come back.”

“Katy,” I say to her in a soft, loving voice, “may I come in and I’ll not ever leave you again.”

My little one, she looks up at me and steps aside. She thinks I’m here for her. To protect her like an angel should. When I step in, she throws her arms around me and buries her face in my weskit. My hand strokes her soft hair. The scent of lavender wafts off it, picked up by my new, heightened senses. She is no longer my sister. She will help free me.

Kneeling, I wrap my arms around her. “There, there, my Katy, never will I leave you again. Never.”

“Thank you, Liam Angel,” she said as she hugs me tightly.

“You are welcome, luv.” I said and my demon takes over.

I bury my fangs in her throat as I did the old man in the graveyard. I let her blood fill me. The blood of an innocent, the blood of my sister. When I finish with her, I leave her and I hear my mother in the other room. She wants to know who’s at the door.

Stepping into the parlor I look at her. “’Tis me, mother.” I said watching her. The reaction was priceless. Her eyes widened and she dropped her knitting. She started saying prayers and crossed herself. “What is the matter, mother,” I said, “not happy to see me home? I guess not, since you said nothing to father when he told me not to come back.”

Yes, I blamed her as much as I did my father. She never took up for me that I had ever seen. She did my father’s bidding. She was terrified now. She saw my demon. She backed away but I grabbed her. Then I also fed on her. No longer hungry, so to say, but still it felt good. There’s not a feeling like a bloodhigh, it is pure orgasmic. I let her body fall to the floor.

All there was, one left, and he was here now. When he saw me he couldn’t believe his eyes. Then like mother, he crossed himself. He recognized me for the demon I now am and wondered how I was able to enter his house, the house I grew up in. I indicated the one who invited me, that now lay in Death’s cold arms. He then saw the bodies of Katy and his wife. I was honest when I told him he seemed smaller now that I was dead. Not the man I had feared in life.

Oh, he was wrong when he told me I’d never make something of myself and I showed him I had. I had become the thing of nightmares that not only fed on the blood of his kind but on their fear. I never thought my father could be afraid, but now he reeked of fear. The smell intoxicated my senses more then the others. The fear that came off him was thick and sweet. Now I moved to the frightened old man that coward before me. Where was his faith now? Where was his God? I am that god now. I can grant his life or take it. I had him against the wall, pressing my body on his. His struggles were useless. Taking a deep breath, I could taste that fear and while it was on my tongue, I plunged to his neck. Sinking those lethal fangs and sharp teeth into his flesh, I fed. I drank deep. His struggles became less. I felt his life slipping as his body went limp under me. When finished I let him just drop to the floor. I did not place him down gently as I had done Katy. He was refuse to me. He was that part of a meal that was to be discarded.

It was done. I sat there now in his chair at the head of the table when she came in. She had a beautiful smile, she did. She was right, about the blood of family. ‘Tis the sweetest of all. She was also right when she said that this would haunt me for I had never gained my father’s approval. That was all I had wanted in life, that one kind word from him. That one statement, “Liam, son, you did good, boy.” But he could never give me that, even in the smallest of tasks I had done. Now I would never get it, I realized as I looked at that carnage I had wrought here. But, I tell myself each day I no longer need it for I am no longer that mortal creature, Liam. Amused by the tale of Katy thinking I was her angel, Darla renamed me, as was her right. I am now Angelus. I am the one with the angelic face. I am pain, suffering, and death
poisontearss on February 16th, 2007 02:10 am (UTC)
Wow...very in tune with Angelus! I liked how you had this wrote in his POV, could hear his Irish accent in it. Great job!