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05 January 2007 @ 08:50 pm
Top 5 Funny Musicvids on Youtube  
Okay, I posted this over on buffyversetop5 but I am not sure if it exactly fits since it was videos UPLOADED in 2006, not neccessarily made in 2006. So I am posting it here too. But you can go leave comments over there. (And join that comm too. It is a great place. I am going to try to get some C/A recs in there before it closes on the 15th)

The entry:

Top 5 "Funny" Fandom Music Videos on YouTube (uploaded 2006)

I am going by the date that they were added to YouTube. It is the only way I could tell if they were from 2006. I hope that is okay, if not, please feel free to delete. These are pretty much for teens and above.

1. Buffy and Spike video to "I Touch Myself" uploaded by BuffyAngel23. The pop up bubbles in this video have to be so funny. I laughed my butt off watching it.

2. I'm Too Sexy uploaded by postalpichu. Oh, I could watch this one over and over again. It just cracks me up every single time. It is edited perfectly to the song.

3. Dancing With Myself uploaded by missmirk. Who doesn't love clips from all the dancing in the show? And they are edited together really well. Outtakes too. Very amusing and fun to watch.

4. I Wish I Could Go Back to College uploaded by tnjproductions. A great song from one of my personal fave musicals. The tune itself is bound to inspire some ennui but the lyrics, classic and funny.

5. Be Happy uploaded by Plunk626. No collection is complete without a blooper reel video. There are so many out there but sometimes the song doesn't fit right, the editing is off, the clips are iffy. But this one captures the right amount of fun and clips.