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27 December 2006 @ 02:31 pm
ReRun Awards noms  
I am sorry for spamming the flist like this but I am home and I am trying to get as much possible since mom went to CA to see her sisters. I have a whole week of someone else taking care of her. LOL

So first thing is first, rerunawards has opened up nominations again. It closes on Sunday so if you want to nominate a story from a cancelled show that was written THIS YEAR, please go nominate. They have a graphics category this year too!

Now, onto the bad news. This round was only allowed four nominations. Now, I know Mike and I are not as good as a lot of the other writers in the Angel fandom so I wanted to make sure we at least got nominated so maybe at least one new person would read our story. I make an executive decision to only use two of the four nominations for our stories and use the other two for other stories I liked. Last round, you could nominate as many as you wanted in as many categories as you wanted. This round, only four noms, had to be written this year, couldn't have won previously, and had to be in some select categories. That narrowed down my choices of the two nominees by a lot. I want to apologize in advance to everyone who's writing that I love but I just couldn't nominate because 1. it wasn't written this year or 2. they didn't have a category for it. I don't want anyone to be mad at me.

That being said, if you think I should have nominated you, please, please, please, go over to rerunawards and nominate yourself! There is nothing wrong with that. The only way you will get people to read your stuff is if you take a moment to pimp yourself. I am finding that out the hard way, especially with icons. I nominated only in the Angel fandom because that is my primary fandom of cancelled shows. Most of the other fandoms that I read that are cancelled shows, I am just not as into them as I am with Angel. I am sure we all understand that, we all have our pet fandoms.

So please, I don't want any hurt feelings if I didn't nominate you. It wasn't anything personal, and it doesn't mean that I don't love every single piece of your work. Two people (damnskippytoo and seekingwords) I didn't nominate because I nominated their stories on the last round. I wanted to give new people a chance this time. Without any more hemming and hawing, here it is. mph0506 for Dangerous Type and samsom for Pandora One, Two, Three. I wish they would have done the crossover category this year because boy_named_susie wrote this FABULOUS HP crossover that you guys all need to go over to her journal and read.

I am really sorry to everyone else who had great stories that I just couldn't nominate. But like I said, go over there, and pimp the heck out of yourself!