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14 September 2010 @ 12:01 pm
Two quick ?s  
I'm taking a break from my political comm paper cause I have a question for the flist, well two actually. First.

Just kind of a strange question but has anyone been to Mustang Island, Port Aransas, Texas? I was looking for a new vacation spot, someplace I hadn't been and came across this little blurb on AOLTravel.

"This 18-mile-long barrier island, connected by a causeway and 24-hour ferry to Corpus Christi, offers wildlife and wild life at party-hearty Port Aransas. Trolleys ply the historic honkytonk town, filled with down-home pubs and upscale galleries. Wide bay- and Gulf-side beaches, lined with dunes, seafood shanties and marinas, hikers, seashell collectors, and sandcastle architects (100,000 spectators ogle hundreds of entries at SandFest, the nation's largest sand-sculpting competition, every April). Aquatic activities abound: surfing waves off the jetty, kite-boarding off protected sandbars, casting for trophy tuna and tarpon. Tournaments lure international competitors, who spin tales of the ones that got away in fun funky bars. More than 500 bird species vacation here, dolphin frolic in the channel, and coyote roam Mustang Island State Park.

Fun Fact: Mark "Sand Man" Landrum acts as Port A's official "Sandcastle Dream Builder," offering lessons in engineering elaborate moats and machicolated battlements."

Has anyone been? Good place? Bad place? Is it affordable to stay there? I'd be driving from Arizona so I would have a car.

Also, was the ONLY person on the net who LOVED the True Blood finale? I feel like I'm all alone in my love of it. LOL

Quick pimp too:

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Tara: tb - queenly lotteriescraving_vintage on September 14th, 2010 05:54 pm (UTC)
I can't even talk about that TB finale anymore. I'm so disappointed in it. I hate fairyland, I loved Sookie's badassness, hated Tara's hair, love Russell's quips and crispy face, hated Sam had no sympathy towards Tommy at all. I don't like Tommy because he can be such a dick but the boy can't read. I would have just gave hm a few bucks to get out of my life. I hated Tara's reaction to Sam revealing that he's a shifter. I love my girl Tara but she's not the only person that has all this weird stuff happen to her. And like Sam said, the supes aren't the only one. Where is she going? Supes are every where not just Bon Temps. You can't run away Tara. Come back! lol I loved that Sookie found out the real reason Bill came back to Bon Temps. It's one of my favorite scenes in the books in one of my favorite books of the series. The set up was different but it was basically the same.

So, yea, I really can't talk about it anymore. lol

Oh, and I think I'm an official Sookie/Alcide shipper and Alcide fan. :)
JENSEN PADALECKI.: angel » c/a » safe and warm in your armswebsofseaweed on September 14th, 2010 06:37 pm (UTC)
Good luck on your political comm paper! What's your thesis?

Mustang Island, LOL. Never heard of it. It sounds like fun, although...Texas. Yuck. My cousins used to live down there and someone peed on the John Kerry sign in their yard. Still, I highly doubt politics will be an issue at a resort island...thing, haha.
Emily: Sam - face palm!bja727 on September 15th, 2010 04:58 am (UTC)
I enjoyed the TB Finale :) Here's my thoughts on it:
Eibhlin with a Bimpetusofadream on September 16th, 2010 06:40 am (UTC)
The only thing that REALLY bothered me about the finale was the COMPLETE LACK OF SET-UP FOR WHAT SHOULD BE THE MAJOR PLOT POINT OF NEXT SEASON!!!! Well that is assuming Alan Ball sticks to his current, each concurrent season vaguely corresponds to the next book in the series. Because no freaking lie, Dead to teh World is my FAVORITE in the series to this point. *I haven't finished all the books yet* I will throw an absolute BITCH FIT if they claim to be basing of DttW and the like WHOLE POINT OF IT is missing.

Other than that I was overall pleased with the Finale. Esp. the part where Bill got served, that Mofo had it coming. And OMG Jess and Hoyt were sooo cute! *I will hunt down and murdalize Mama Hoyt if she kills Jess* I kinda feel bad for Jason, he is like constantly finally getting his shit together and then having the rug yanked out from him. Of course if Alan wants to stick to the major plot points of the Book Series, I'm really not sure why Daddy Crystal is FUCKING DEAD and SHE'S AWOL!!!! But it at least made sense.

Sam and Tommy...ok I do NOT understand but it was kinda nice to see Sam not being a freaking doormat for once. Though I honestly have a hard time feeling bad for Tommy. Little shit robbed his own brother.

Tara Mae, oh lordy that girl has LOST it. I mean understandably so she's been though WAY more than anyone ever should. But I'm curious to see where all this goes since her Character arc has definitively gone off the beaten tracks of her Book Arc.

Overall though, I'm excited for next season and utterly put out I have to wait almost 10 months to see sexy Alexander Skaarsgard again! *pouts* Clearly I'm just going to have to finally watch Generation Kill.