Kelly (xlivvielockex) wrote,

And back!

I'm back from Vegas, bbs. It was AMAZING! Like I can't even tell you. Charisma is so much more beautiful in person. Pictures do not do her jusice. I will do a full write up with pictures as soon as I have a day to rest. (I got a wicked stress fracture in my left ankle while there. Not fun!)

All I can say is Jason Staham is a midget and Randy Couture is SOLID hottie muscle who smelled great. :) (diseased_inside I got you an autograph cause I know you love them UFC guys) Oh yeah, and Eric Roberts is my new hero. He was so. freaking. nice. to all his fans. But again, full write up with pics later.

I went back like 340 posts here (about the same on Tumblr too) and I know I missed stuff. So please link me so I can read/comment. I plan to relax until Monday.

Also, you peeps doing the 30 days of Angel meme, there is a community where you can link to your responses and get more comments/love. 30daysofangel CHECK IT OUT YO! It really needs some posts so go over there, link away, get some readers.
Tags: celebs, celebs: charisma carpenter, movies, movies: the expendables, real life bs
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