Kelly (xlivvielockex) wrote,

Three quick questions

First, important here but has anyone heard from americangrl69 lately? I haven't seen her on Twitter or LJ. I PMed her and nothing. She hasn't been around since late May. It's not like her to just disapoof from the net. I haven't checked her RP games to see if she has been active yet.

Second, does anyone know someplace to get a medical alert bracelet for not too much scratch? The ones online start at like $50 and even Ebay ones are like $30 with shipping and I refuse to pay $15 for shipping on something that should cost a stamp. It's not imperative but I have to get one soonish (I've been putting it off and need it before August) and I have no idea how to go about it. My doctor is in the process of moving his office and hasn't returned my calls yet. There has to be someone on my flist that has gone through this y/y?

Third, what the hell was up with that game this morning?! I swear to god, that Ref needs to be taken out into the street and shot. There was no way the US was offsides and instead of calling that, he should have called a foul. That goal should have counted. This is the one time that I wish soccer had the review feature like American football does. I noticed the commentators saying that some games have Refs behind the goal to see better. Yes, please, why can't we have that for World Cup?

So hopefully someone can answer at least one of these. I'm off to watch England probably kick Algeria's tush. :)
Tags: 2010, kelly's an idiot, random
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