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30 Days of TV Meme - Day 08

I went back and forth and back and forth on this one and I finally decided that I couldn't chose between two shows. The first is one that I rec all the time, so it shouldn't be a surprise. And the second one, well, who knows if it will surprise anyone.


Six Feet Under

Here you have two very dramatically different shows but they are both so amazing in their characterization, writing, and direction. First, you have Rome, which is basically ancient Rome. Sure, they are a little loose with the actual history but so have hundreds (if not thousands) of writers before them. When I saw the first episode, I was so unsure. But I kept watching and I fell in love. Everyone I know, I've made them watch this show and they've been as in love with it as I have.

The second is completely different. It's the tale of the modern family, at the root, despite the fact that they run a funeral home. The stories are so compelling and heartbreaking real. You just ache for these characters. I watched the finale with my mom (which I had seen twice before) and I still wound up sobbing. Big fat tears and tons of snot. It was not a pretty picture. And that is why it's awesome. Because I cared SO much about these characters, I wept as if they were real, as if they were my family.

There is also a part in Rome where my heart aches for Pullo and every time I rewatch Rome, I have to stop the disc and just let it all out. Doesn't matter how many times I see it, it still kills me deep inside, like a sword to the gut.

That, my friends, is excellent television.

Day 01 - A show that never should have been cancelled (Starved)
Day 02 - A show you wish more people were watching (Nurse Jackie)
Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season) (Glee)
Day 04 - Your favorite show ever (Angel)
Day 05 - A show you hate (Jersey Shore)
Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show (Can't decide!)
Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show (Eternity and Smiletime)
Day 08 - A show everyone should watch (Rome & Six Feet Under)
Day 09 - Best scene ever
Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving
Day 11 - A show that disappointed you
Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times
Day 13 - Favorite childhood show
Day 14 - Favorite male character
Day 15 - Favorite female character
Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show
Day 17 - Favorite mini series
Day 18 - Favorite title sequence
Day 19 - Best TV show cast
Day 20 - Favorite kiss
Day 21 - Favorite ship
Day 22 - Favorite series finale
Day 23 - Most annoying character
Day 24 - Best quote
Day 25 - A show you plan on watching (old or new)
Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale
Day 27 - Best pilot episode
Day 28 - First TV show obsession
Day 29 - Current TV show obsession
Day 30 - Saddest character death
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