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07 December 2006 @ 08:07 pm
Walking In My Shoes (34/?)  

Title: Walking In My Shoes (34/?)
Author: Kelly and Mike (collaborative writing team)
Posted: 12/7/06
Rating: Chapters range from PG to NC-17
Chapter: Chapter Thirty-Four rated PG
Email: jjsoapchat AT yahoo DOT com
Content: Cute stuff, action, mostly fluff
Scenes include: Cordelia, Angel, Gunn, Faith, Fred, Wes, Ian, Kat
Summary: Written for a challenge proposed on the Stranger Things message board. Challenge By rousedower. An AU/TT Challenge: Angel goes to another dimension, hence AU, somehow. And in this dimension he is married to Cordy and they have kids. But something happened to the other Angel (he's missing or dead), so there's mad tension and what not between this Angel and AU!Cordy. She knows he's not her Angel, but the kids (a boy and girl) are pretty young and think he's their father. I imagine a scene where their little daughter asks him to read her a bedtime story/tuck her in with Cordy trying to explain to her that he's not her father (really), and he does it.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, ST, FSB, LJ. Whoever wants it, can have it, just credit
Notes: Cast List: Kelly writes for Cordelia, Gunn, Lorne, Lillian, Kat, Illyria/Fred, Lilah, Eve, Faith, Gwen, Harmony, Vail, random shop owners/demons. Mike writes for Angel(us), Connor, Wes, Ian, random filler chars.
Feedback: Yes, please. Tell us how we are doing!

Ian was playing with his radio control truck. It was giving rides to his dinosaur, GI Joe, and Wookiee action figures. He was making all the sound effects to go along with it, annoying Katy while she sat on the poof reading.

"We'll dodge the COBRA forces then make for the moon of Yavin where we'll get the Jedi's help along with the Dinotransformers," he said in a very commanding voice. Ian was sort of mixing up all his favorite characters in this play of his as the truck ripped through the lobby and hit the side of the poof. "RED ALERT! We're in the land of the giants!"

Kat lowered her book. She shot a glare at her brother as he rammed his truck into where she was reading. She smacked him on the top of the head. "Ian. Stop it. I am trying to read." She looked around, trying to find Lillian or Aunt Fred. Even Connor would be preferred to get Ian to behave.

"Hey! I can play too," he said and sent his truck off again. "Into the asteroid field! NNNnnnnrrrrrrrrrraaaaaw!" Around the front desk the truck zoomed.

"You are playing. You are playing so loud, I can't read!" She grabbed a pillow from the poof and she tossed it at Ian. She had a very good aim so it hit him squarely in the face.

"AUNT FRED! KATY IS THROWING THINGS," he yelled. Probably everyone in the hotel could hear from basement to the top floor.

Fred came running out from the side of the hotel where they had long ago set up a makeshift lab for her. She pushed a pair of glasses up on her face. "I thought you two were going to be good while I finished up my new UV weapon. Where is Connor?" Fred began looking around for the young man.

"He went upstairs a minute to take some things for Lily up," Ian replied. Out came the truck and it raced right by Fred's feet. "Katy says I'm 'rupting her reading."

She smiled and crouched down. She picked up one of Ian's toys to look at it. "You could always play out in the garden. Or if Kat wants to read out there. It’s a beautiful sunny day and sunshine is good for growing people. Not vampires though. Sunshine, not good for your dad. But for kids like you, sun is good."

Ian shook his head. “News had a smog alert on for today. Connor heard it and wouldn't let us go out." He watched Fred as she picked up the toy. "If I turned to a vampire when I'm big will Willow get me my soul? Or you or Uncle Wes?"

Fred frowned just a little bit when Ian said that. She was pretty sure that Angel would not be happy with Ian talking about being a vampire. "Ian, why do you want to be a vampire?"

Kat lowered her book, rolling her eyes mightily at her twin. "You are an idiot. Daddy used to be cursed and he did lots of bad things. Uncle Wes has to give up something big so Daddy could be happy. Why would you want to be a vampire? That is the stupidest thing I ever heard."

Ian looked back to Katy with a scowl. "If daddy wasn't a vampire you wouldn't be alive, dooky head," he told her. He looked back to Fred and shrugged. "So I could fight like him and do cool stuff like him."

"You don't have to be a vampire to do that. Everyone here does that. Connor isn't a vampire, neither is Lillian. Uncle Wes and Uncle Gunn aren't vampires. Neither are me or Aunt Faith. What about your mom? She fights and does cool stuff and she is most definitely not a vampire. Then again, we don't know what she is. We could never isolate what demon part she was exactly." Fred trailed off, lost in her own thoughts for the moment.

"And nobody knows what Connor really is either," he reminded her, out of the mouth of babes."'Member the antiviolence spell works on him too."

"But you can still be a good fighter and not be a vampire. We don't know what your mom is. And you and Kat are very special because of that. You are super fast and very strong. Kat feels things like how other people feel. You are going to be a great Champion, Ian, just the way you are." Fred grinned; satisfied with herself that she had explained it all well enough to the young boy.

Ian stood there a moment then suddenly Fred had the boy hugging her leg. Unlike his sister Ian thrived on reassurance that he was important to the family.

Fred reached down and gave the little boy a proper hug. She smiled at him. "Didn't you go out and hunt those monsters with your dad? Pretty soon, he will be taking you out every night to patrol with him, especially when Lillian's baby comes. Then Connor will have to stay home and be a daddy. Angel will really need someone to take care of him. You think you can take care of Angel? Keep him safe?"

Looking up at her he nodded. "Yeah," he replied. "I take care of Katy every night and chase the monsters out of the room so they don't eat her." He motioned for Fred to lower so he could whisper to her.

Kat just rolled her eyes once more at Ian. She was trying to read here. If it wasn't for the smog alert, she would have gone outside. She shut her book. She could hang around the garden for just a few minutes. She got up and left, taking her book with her

Fred got down on her knees, hands resting on her thighs. She waited to hear what the little boy would whisper to her.

"Monsters like to eat girls," he whispered to her. "They like them better then boys." Ian watched his sister walk out to the garden.

Fred had to restrain her laughter at that. She just nodded her head. "Guess that is why the princess and not the prince always gets kidnapped. I guess dragons just like the taste." Fred watched Kat go out into the garden. It would probably be okay for the young girl to be out there for a few minutes. "Charles will be here soon and I bet he has a new video game for you."

"Cool," Ian exclaimed. "I kicked his butt in the last one." He was proud that he beat Uncle Gunn. "You gonna watch me kick his butt on the new one?"

"I will watch for a little bit but Wes should be here soon and we are working on something. I am sure you could ask him to play though, take a break. You can beat him too. Uncle Wes isn't very good at video games, is he?"

"Yeah, I know," Ian said stepping away rolling his eyes. "I beat him even in Katy's games." With that he turned to go get his truck and toys.

Kat sat by herself out in the garden. She had picked the spot by the roses where the sunlight could stream down on her. She sat on a little patch of grass, turning her face skyward. It felt nice to have the sun on her face. She was starting to get little freckles around her nose and cheeks. It was also nice to just have the quiet of the garden, a place that was without Ian for now.

Angel and Cordelia had already pulled into the alley to unload the car before Kat had come out. Angel had a couple of suit cases when he stepped through the gate to see his daughter. This time of the day the side of the garden where the gate was had shade on over to the covered area just outside the door of the hotel. He sat the cases down and walked on over to her, his shadow cast long before her as he moved into the sun.

Kat saw her father's shadow but more importantly, she felt him. He felt different. She was very worried that it was yet again, a 'wrong' Angel. She looked up at him and saw that he was about to get into the sun. She jumped up and rushed to him. She shoved him back with all her might, towards the shadows. "DADDY! NO!"

"Whoa, kiddo," he said and he reached down and picked her up. "It’s okay. Really." His touch on her was warm.

"Daddy...your hand..." She reached for it after he picked her up. She could feel the warmness of his skin. "What happened? Are you okay? Is mommy okay?" Her lower lip was quivering and she was about to cry. She could feel that something was different, even if she didn't have the warm touch to clue her in.

"Katy, everything is more then fine," he told her. "Your mom is coming. She's getting a few things out of the car. We'll explain when the whole family is together." He gave her a hug, holding her tight.

She threw her arms around her father's neck and hugged him tightly. Now he really had to worry about her cutting off his air supply with one of those hugs. "You are different. Why are you different?" She didn't want to have to wait for the rest of the family. She wanted her answers now. And if it took her bursting into tears, she was going to get them.

"Uh, Katy," he said a bit strained. "Katy, a bit tight with the hug." He waited for her to relax just a bit. When he did he moved to the bench and sat down with her. "It’s kind of a long story, that's why I want to wait. But I will say I am human now so we can do all the things we couldn't before."

Kat did let up on the hug, which caused her even more confusion. She sat on her father's lap and looked up at her as he spoke to her. She reached up to touch his face, to feel the warmth again. "Did you Mu-shu?"

"Shanshu," he said with a chuckle. "And I guess so, with your mother's help." As he said that he looked to the gate to hear Cordelia coming.

Cordelia looked at Angel with Kat in the garden. "You really aren't going to make me carry all these bags in by myself, are you?" She lifted up her makeup case to show that she was bringing something in. "He turns human and he thinks it gets him out of heavy lifting." She rolled her eyes and headed inside of the hotel. She had overheard Kat and her father talking. Ian would probably be jealous that Kat had found out first.

When Cordelia stepped in she was met by Hurricane Ian. He saw his mother from across the lobby and jumped up from his play to run for her. "MOMMY!"

"Hey kiddo." She crouched down so that she could gather the young boy up into her arms. It was a gesture that they had done over and over again. "Were you good for your brother and your aunts and uncles while Dad and I were gone?"

"You bet," he said as he hugged her. He was Momma's boy.

Connor was coming down the stairs when he saw Cordelia. "Gee, finally," he said. "Thought you both were taking the chance and skipping out while you could."

"I thought about it." Cordelia smiled at Connor when he came down the stairs. "Lillian resting?" She imagined so. She remembered when she was about that far along and sleep was always good to grab when you could. She picked Ian up so they could all walk into the Hyperion. She knew Angel wanted to share his good news.

"Yeah," Connor nodded. "She had a really bad night last night. Baby was really active." He met her by the front desk. "So, where is the old man?"

"He is still outside with Kat. Should be coming in soon." Cordelia set Ian down on the front desk counter so he could sit up high. "Rub her back, right in the middle of the lower back. Does wonders. And it’s your job now."

Fred heard more voices than just the twins and Connor so she came out once more from her lab. She pushed her glasses up on her face again but beamed at the sight of Cordelia. "That is great. It worked. I knew it was going to work. Wes is an expert with those potions. And The Powers told you. How could it not work?" Fred was so excited that she couldn't help but run over to give Cordy a hug.

Ian frowned at his mother. "What worked, Mommy," he asked. He didn't like not knowing.

Connor also had that same scowl on his face. But before Cordelia could answer Angel came in with Katy. "Don't be ganging up on your mother now you two." Angel came into the lobby carrying Katy over his shoulder. She was giggling. Ian saw his father and ran for him and grabbed onto his leg. Now Angel walked with one rugrat on his shoulder and one clinging to his leg. "I seem to have developed a problem," he said with a grin. It still hadn't connected with Ian yet that his father had come in from the garden instead of the entry that led up from the garage.

She saw that scowl that was on Connor's face. "What we talked about in the park, Connor." She shook her head, she looked over at Ian. "I am going to let Dad tell it. Don't worry; everyone else should be here soon. I called them when we were coming into the city."

Connor's brows rose at that. His jaw dropped a bit then finally he looked at Cordelia and managed to speak. "You mean...it...him...," he said in a broken sentence and didn't finish. Connor looked at his father taking in with his senses. He didn't get any indication of him being anything but human. There was a heart beat, he was warm and breathing. He knew what Cordy had said but seeing it was something else.

Cordelia nudged Connor gently when she saw that he was speechless and his jaw was on the floor. "It takes some getting used to, which is for sure." She barely had time to say that before Gunn and Faith were walking into the hotel, loaded down with plastic bags filled with sandwiches, chips, and drinks.

Faith glanced at Angel, looking him up and down. Her Slayer sense wasn't giving her a good punch in the uterus so she knew Angel was no longer a vampire. She just raised a brow at him as she set her bags on the counter. "You sure we got enough food if Angel here is eating now." She did have a way of ruining the surprise.

Gunn was quick on Faith's heels. He glanced to Angel, covered in kids, and then away. That scene wasn't any different than any other day around here. He set his share of the bags down and stood next to Connor. He looked confused when Faith spoke. "What are you talking about, woman?"

"What she means, Gunn," Angel said as he finally managed to get kid free for a moment, "is that, well, I'm breathing again, bro." He grinned as he looked at Gunn.

Gunn blinked for a moment to let it sink in. They had all knew about the whole Shanshu thing. It was sort of Angel's "thing". He nodded his head. He reached into the bag, pulling out a beer. He tossed it to Angel. "Good, now I won't have to kill you eventually."

Angel caught the beer. "Don't think I still can't kick your ass, though.” He grinned and he looked back to rest of the group then to Cordy.

Ian looked up at his father then to his mother. "He's not a vampire?" His little face was pinched in thought.

Cordelia nodded her head. "Daddy is human now but he is still strong. He is like a male slayer now, Ian." She was hoping that the young boy could understand that. She looked around and then back to Fred. "Where is Wes? We owe him a big thank you for the potion."

Fred chewed her lower lip and then smiled just a little bit. "Wes went to pick up something at the courthouse. And then he was going to stop off to talk to someone. He should be here soon." They weren't going to have to worry about Wes and his deal with Bernie. It would be null and void within a few days.

Ian seemed to consider this. He still wasn't sure if he liked it or not. There was a cool factor in being able to brag your dad was a vampire, at least to him.

Connor finally spoke up at this point. "I need to go tell Lilian." With that, he headed for the stairs.

Cordelia saw that Ian had that look of concentration on his face. Angel would get the same look at times. She kneeled down and reached out for him. "Ian...come here." She waited for the young boy to come to her. "I know this is confusing for you. It’s change and that is always scary. Trust me, I know. I used to live a life without vampires or demons and I never thought I would be a mom. But then things changed and I wouldn't go back to the way it was for anything. This is a good thing, promise."

Ian looked from his mother to his father and then everyone else. He still was considering the cool factor in this. His expression hadn't changed much when he looked back to Cordelia. "Does this mean you're gonna make more babies now," he asked. Siblings meant he had to share more attention.

Cordy just had to laugh when Ian said that. She touched his forehead gently. "Hey now, you will always be my number one guy. Someone has to make sure that your dad doesn't get killed." She stood up and looked to Angel. "How about getting the table out of the closet and we can get this little celebration underway? Faith is eyeing those sandwiches like they might sprout legs and run off."

"I think I can stand a bite or two myself," Angel said as he went to get the table to set up. Just because they stopped at several places on the way home didn't seem to bother him for the prospect of another meal.

Cordelia rolled her eyes and she nudged Fred gently. "We already stopped at every single rest stop on the way down. The Angelmobile...filled with ding dongs and ho-ho and Suzy Q wrappers. You better develop some kind of pill to burn off all those calories."

Fred giggled as Cordelia nudged her. She couldn't imagine a pudgy Angel striking much fear into demons and vampires. That thought, made her giggle even more. "No cure for that except for lots of exercise and maybe to eat something a little better than processed chemicals and dyes. Something with all four food groups. You know, like tacos."

"I had a couple of those too," he said, his hearing still as sharp as ever as he called from the utility room where the table was.

Gunn just shook his head. He reached into the bag to get out a beer. He tossed one to Faith and then got one for himself, popping the top on it. "Better call Richard Simmons then. No good chasing down vampires if you rather be chasing down donuts." Gunn took a long drink from his beer before setting it down. He moved to the utility closet to see if Angel needed a hand.

Upstairs Connor entered his and Lillian's suite. He was planning on taking the fifth floor and making it their apartment. "Hey, babe," he said as he entered.

Lillian was lying down on her side on the couch. She had a pillow propped between her knees, a water bottle in her hand, and the television was on. She looked over to Connor and smiled at him. "Hey. Baby finally settled down."

"You know that talk we had with Mom in the park, the one where she was going to do that completely crazy insane thing that could have ended up with her dead," he said speaking a mile a minute as he approached her.

She raised a brow. She started to sit up as he approached her. "Yeah..." Her voice trailed off, unsure of what Connor was talking about here. Did it not work? When he started talking a mile a minute, she started to get nervous. She played with her wedding ring, twisting it around her finger.

"Well, it's Dad," he said to her. "You feel like there's a vampire in the building?" He grinned as he said this.

She paused for a moment and focused on her Slayer senses. It was amazing; she didn't feel any cramps from a vampire at all. "Wow...so your mom actually did it. That is...amazing." She shook her head, still not really believing it.

"Yeah," he nodded. "I was afraid I was going to have to...well, you know." He sat on the floor by the couch and his hand came up to touch her belly. "It’s about time something went right for this family."

"I think things are really going right, Connor. We are married, baby on the way. Your parents are happy, your dad is human. They have two great kids. Wes and Fred are getting married. And Gunn and Faith, well point them towards a fight, they are happy." She chuckled softly as she put her hand over his.

"Well, we're happy too," he said, "right?" His hand rubbed her belly. He still had a hard time wrapping it around his head he was going to be a father.

She grinned at him. "Of course we are happy. That is why I put us first. Aren't you happy about this? The baby and being married?" A brief bit of doubt crept up into her voice.

Connor looked up at her. "I am happier then I've ever been all my life." After he said that he came up and gave her a kiss.

She returned his kiss but broke away from him quickly. She moved to get up, struggling just some with it. She tried to move Connor out of the way. "Baby...bladder..." That was all she said as she went past him as fast as she could for the bathroom.

Downstairs Angel was busy talking to Gunn and Faith about the vamps at the lodge. Ian sat with his sister picking at his food. He looked up at Katy who seemed really happy with the turn of events.

Kat was beaming and she was happily munching on her sandwich and chips. She even allowed herself the treat of a soda. She hummed a song to herself and looked across the table at Ian. "What is your problem?"

"I know we wanted mom and dad happy," he glanced back to the adults then to his sister. He was talking their twinspeak. There were too many super hearing people around. "But dad is human now."

"What is wrong with that? He is still just as strong. He is stronger even. And he can come play with us outside." Kat paused for a moment and then her face lit up. "We can go to Disneyland for the whole day now with Da!"

"Yeah, but all the normal things that kill peoples can kill him now too," he said to her. "Bullets and knives...and a car or bus hitting him. What if the monsters find out about that? Huh?"

"But he is happy. Really happy. Look at him. He is glowing." She pointed over to their father, who was reenacting every bit of the fight for Gunn and Faith. Kat had never seen her father smile that much or be that animated. It was like someone had turned on a switch.

"So, what are they gonna call him," he asked. "His name still Angel or it gonna change back to his human name?" Ian was so trying to find something here that his sister would find wrong with this.

"He is still Angel. That is his name. He isn't human, he is a Slayer. And he is still The Champion." Kat finished off her sandwich and got to work on her chips. She wanted an ice cream sandwich too. She only hoped Uncle Gunn had remembered to get the kind she liked, with the three kinds of ice cream in the middle.

He was quiet for several minutes then he broke it. "So, when do you think we can get them to take us to Disneyland?"

Kat grinned. "I want to go this weekend. We only got to see it at night and go on a few rides. I bet its great during the day. I can't wait to meet Snow White and Ariel." Kat sighed happily, looking off for a moment.

"I want to see Captain Jack Sparrow," Ian said and then he jumped up from his seat. "Arg!"

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce entered the hotel. He stopped seeing the party going on and then looked to Cordy with a raised brow.

Cordelia was in the middle of talking to Fred about some ideas for the Slayer school when Wes finally decided to show his face. She was also keeping an eye on the kids. "Hey, Brownbum Ian, settle down please and finish your dinner." Cordelia glanced back to Wes now, speaking simply. "It worked."

Wes's gaze went to Angel, Gunn, and Faith talking about, what else battle and weapons. "So I see," he replied in his accented voice.

"We were going to wait until you got here to announce it all but well; the kids and Faith gave it away." She was more than happy to blame it on the brunette Slayer.

"Hey, I can't help it if he didn't give me cramps anymore." Faith shook her head as she overheard the conversation. She moved to the counter to get yet another sandwich and beer.

Wes just smiled a bit. "Well, then I suppose this is a good day to celebrate." Wes had his own surprise and he wasn't going to share just yet. He wanted his friend to have his time to enjoy his and his wife's own triumph.

Cordelia looks serious for a moment. "Wes, we couldn't have done this without you. I wouldn't have been able to get that potion right myself. We both owe you a huge thanks." She reached out and gave Wes a hug. He was like a brother to her. Plus, he had given up so much for her and Angel to be happy.

He returned that hug. "We're family," he whispered to her. "It’s what we do for each other." And that was the way he felt. He really hadn't a clue as to family until he came to L.A. and joined up with Cordelia and Angel. He'd spent all his younger years in boarding schools and the Watchers' Academy.

Cordy smiled at him as she pulled away from the hug. "Yeah, you are like the annoying older brother that I never wanted. Gunn too. I can only imagine what you two would have done to any boyfriends that weren't Angel. Might have reduced them to stains on the lobby floor."

"I would have never done that," he said. He moved for the front desk.

Ian leaped in front of Uncle Wes and his mother. "Arg! Yo Ho Ho! an' a bottle of bum!"

"Don't even make me start in on how..." She paused as Ian jumped in front of Wes. "Rum, kiddo. It’s rum." She chuckled though since Ian thought it was bum.

Wes chuckled at the boy and rubbed the top of his head. "And a fine pirate you are," he said to Ian. "But you'll have to go elsewhere for your rum."

Ian looked up at the two adults then to his mother. "Katy said we need to go to Disneyland this weekend! I want to ride the pirate ride!"

"Disneyland, huh?" Cordelia looked from Ian over to Angel. "Hey, Ace. The kids want to go to Disneyland this weekend. Think you can open up that wallet of yours?" She gave him a smile though.

Angel heard Cordy call to him by her nick for him. He looked over to her, stopping his story. "This weekend? Uh, sure. We can."

"YAH!" Ian ran to tell his sister though she probably heard since she was in the room.

Kat glanced up when Ian came running at her, shouting. "Ian, I am right here." The lobby wasn't that big so it wasn't that hard for her to have heard it.

Now that the announcements were over, Fred was finally able to see Wes. She smiled at him. She excused herself and moved over to Wes. "Did you get everything you needed?"

Wes smiled at Fred as she came over. "I believe I did," he said as he took her hand and pulled her back into the office, closing the door behind them. He wanted to show her first so it could be their private moment.

She giggled as Wes pulled her into the office to be alone. She didn't think to lock the door. She really didn't think like that. "Wes..." She just shook her head at him and giggled again.

He turned to her from the door and took her into his arms and kissed her. Wesley held her close to him when he finally broke the kiss. For now he just wanted to hold Fred even though now he knew the two of them would have a long, full life together.

That is what worried Fred the most, when he just kissed her and held her. Panic crept into her eyes. "Wes? Did you not...? Its okay, we will find another way. We can go to England or maybe even some weird little island ritual or do we even have to do it legally? Doesn't it count for something if we do some sort of demon rites? What about a soul binding like in the Arache Tribe of Demons?" Fred was talking a mile a minute now because she was worried.

He stepped back from her and held her at arms length. "Fred," he said trying to stop her and get her attention. "Fred, its okay." He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out an envelope for her.

Fred took the envelope from Wesley. She wasn't exactly sure of what it was but she had a really good idea, especially after Wes' assertions. She opened it and pulled the paper from inside. It was their marriage license, just ready to be legally binding by an officiator. She grinned and threw her arms around him. She just made a happy noise that could have been mistaken for any manner of things.

Out in the lobby Angel finally tore himself away from his story telling and made his way to Cordelia. Coming up behind her he put his arms around her and kissed her on the neck, just below her ear. His hands were on her stomach.

Cordelia was in no mood to be distracted. She had found the dessert at the bottom of the bag, cups of chocolate pudding. Leave it to Faith to make sure there was some kind of sugary and/or chocolately goodness when she brought food. She paused, spoon still in her mouth, as Angel came up behind her. She took the spoon out of her mouth, dipping it back into the chocolate pudding, before offering it to him. "Here, eat this. It’s not as sweet as me but we all know you love it more." She chuckled.

Taking the proffered spoon he ate the pudding off it. "Hmmm, I have an idea," he said and lowered his voice for her ears only. "Let's fill the bathtub up with chocolate pudding and dip you in it. That would be the perfect dessert." Pausing he then added, "And I know the perfect places for the whipped cream and cherries."

She had to laugh out loud when he said, so loud that it caused all the heads assembled there to turn to look at her. She covered her mouth. "Sorry. Carry on with your business." She turned around to look at Angel. "I'd rather not get pudding in places no pudding should ever go. You think sand in the crack is bad?"

"Yeah, but I can get the chocolate...," Angel said but he stopped. He looked to the office. He wasn't sure if anyone else heard that noise or not. "I wonder if everything is okay in there?"

She glanced in the direction that Angel was looking. He was looking towards Wes' office. She glanced back to Angel. "Maybe we should go investigate? I really hope Wolfram and Hart didn't decide to portal a demon in or something."

He looked at Cordy then back to the door and then started moving to it slowly. He was trying to listen for any more indications of something happening. At the window, the blinds closed, Angel paused when he heard something seem to hit the floor from inside.

Cordelia just raised a brow. She moved over by Angel but she didn't hear anything. She crinkled her nose up before calling out, into the crack of the door. "Hey, this is a hotel. Get a room. Some of us are trying to eat out here." She shook her head.

After a few moments Wesley opened the door. Half his shirt was hanging out of his pants and the part that was tucked in was sticking out his partially zipped up fly. His hair was all in disarray also. "Fred and I were just having a discussion," he said clearing his throat.

"Can you have your 'discussion' back at your place because the kids are present here." Cordelia pointed back to them. Ian was busy chowing down on yet another sandwich while Kat was just watching the adults at the office door. Cordy was pretty sure that Kat knew what was going on.

"Yes, well, we do have something to tell everyone," Wes said as he tried to compose himself and glanced back into the office to see how Fred was fairing.

Fred was trying to smooth her hair out. She didn't notice that her shirt was misbuttoned. She pulled her shirt down and gave Wes a smile.

Wes waited for Fred to come to his side. It was not that Ian looked up because it had gotten quiet in the lobby. He came out from where he had been playing. "What's happening," he asked. He looked to the office to see everyone was looking at Uncle Wes.

Cordy glanced over to Ian and then back to Fred. She motioned down her front to let Fred know that her shirt wasn't exactly buttoned properly here. Fred, seeing this, turned quickly to readjust her buttons. Cordy looked back to Ian. "Uncle Wes and Aunt Fred have an announcement." She paused for a moment because that really sounded like they were announcing some gay couple.

"I think they need to be taught how to dress themselves," the boy said and giggled.

Fred turned back around, giving the assembled group a smile. She pushed her glasses up onto her nose. She was lucky those didn't get damaged in the fray. She was bouncing on her heels, trying very hard to keep this secret. She wanted Wes to be the one to spill the beans.

Angel gave Ian a sharp glance and the boy stifled his giggles. Now he was silent for Wes to make his announcement.

The ex-watcher cleared his throat. "Yes, we have an announcement to make everybody," he said jutting his chin out and slipping an arm around Fred. "We are to be married."

Cordelia's brow curved into an arch right above her eye. "Well, duh." She shook her head for a moment. "I mean, congrats and all but...duh."

Angel grinned. "That's great, Wes," he said to his friend. "It seems this family has a lot to celebrate for tonight." Walking over he shook Wesley's hand then looked at Fred and the grin softened to a smile. "You have your handsome man, Fred," he told her. "Granted he didn't save you on a horse."

"No, didn't save me on a horse." Fred looked up at Wes now, adoration and love in her eyes. "But he saved me on a motorcycle, and in an SUV, and one time, saved me on a jet ski."

Faith nudged Gunn in the stomach with her elbow. "Next thing you know, they are going to want you, me, and Gwen to get hitched in some civil union thing. No thanks. You bunch can stick to the marriages and making kids, we will stick to the demon slaughter."

"Oh, nuts," Ian said with a screwed up face. "That means I have to wear another peengein suit!"

Fred looked over to the young boy but she was laughing just a bit. "Wes and I decided to just do something really casual. No big affair like before. We were thinking we could do a BBQ on the beach with some hot dogs, hamburgers, maybe some tacos. And have Lorne fly out to do yet another wedding. He is really going to say he should be charging for them, I just know it. But everyone could just come casual and have a great time. Not that we didn't have a great time at your wedding, Angel or Connor's. Because we did. We had a lot of fun." Fred said, trying to recover.

"COOL," Ian said. "We can bury Uncle Lorne in the sand!" The boy was already making plans.

"Hey!" Cordelia pointed right at her son. "No burying Uncle Lorne. I don't want to have to listen to him complain about how he got sand in his bright orange suit." She was being firm but nothing more with the young man. She knew though that Angel would be the only one who could effectively discipline Ian at times.

"So," Wes said finally, "why don't we all drink and have dinner? Make our plans for the health and future of our family?"

"Most of us already ate while you and Fred were in there bumping and grinding." Faith said. The twins were already looking like they might hit the food coma any moment. Connor had taken food up to Lillian and Cordelia had finished her dessert.

"Oh," Wes said and glanced around. "Then maybe we should say good night?" He looked back to Fred. He wanted to take her back to his apartment so they can celebrate on their own.

Fred giggled when Wes looked back to her. She nodded her head in agreement. "Good night. That sounds like a good idea." Fred moved to give Angel a hug and then moved onto Cordelia before she gave hugs to Charles and a reluctant Faith. The twins were last to get hugs.

Angel watched the two leave and stepped back to the table and grabbed another sandwich. "It seems like we're going to have to go buy more wedding gifts." He took a bite.

Gunn glanced at Angel. He had been quiet for the entirety of the announcement. While he was happy for Wes and Fred, there was a part of him that was sad too, sad for what could have been. He looked to Faith. "Think its time for you and me to go, woman."

Angel stopped chewing and put the sandwich down on a paper plate. He walked over to Gunn, got the guy by the elbow and walked him back to the service entry that led from the big kitchen. "Gunn, what is the problem," he asked. And he did show Gunn that he did still have a bit more strength then average human.

"Nothing, bro. Night is winding down. Me and Faith were heading over to a rendering plant to take care of some demons. You want to come or you going to do the family time thing with your woman and the kids?" Gunn wasn't sure how he was feeling about the new and improved Angel. There was a sense of security in having him be a vampire. Gunn had the knowledge that maybe one day, he might have to stake Angel and that they could never truly be friends. This had turned it all on its ear.

"You just seemed off," he said to Gunn. "Sorry. I'm a bit on edge still. Getting used to this whole new me thing." He relaxed some. "I think I better stay in tonight after the day of travel. Thanks for asking."

"Plenty more demons and vampires out there in L.A. Won't be a shortage tomorrow." He gave Angel a grin before moving back to where he left Faith. "Woman! Let's roll." When he walked by Ian, he ruffled the boy's hair. Faith was already ready to go. Too much family time was making her antsy. She waved to the remaining group before she left with Gunn.

Ian slapped Gunn's hand away and acted like he was going to come up with a leg kick at him. When he and Uncle Gunn played they played rough. But Gunn just shook his head at the flea of a boy.

"Okay, kiddos," Angel called to the twins, "Time to go up and get your bath. But the time you're done Mom and I'll be done down here and we'll be up to tuck you in."

Cordelia patted Angel's chest as she went to round up the twins. "No, YOU will be done down here. I need to go up and supervise the bath. You might still have good hearing now but it’s not vampire hearing and you don't have the vampire speed if something happens. Plus Connor and Lillian are busy themselves. No unsupervised baths until they are older, remember?"

Angel sighed, something he hadn't been able to do it over 200 years. He looked around at the table and the mess. So he went and got the waste can and came back to start cleaning up. "Is it too late to go out and play with Gunn," he called after Cordy as she took the kids up.

"You can go out and play after you clean up this mess. You are the one that wanted to Shanshu, now you have to deal with the after party." She gave him a smile before giving the twins a light tap on the butt. "Let's get moving. Disneyland this weekend."

Kat looked up at her mother, beaming at the prospect of getting to go to Disneyland...in the daytime...with her father. "I am so excited. I want to go on the teacup rides and I want to see the castle. Do you think I will get to meet Ariel or Belle?"

"The Pirates," Ian said, "I want to ride the Pirates and Haunted House!"

Disneyland. The Land of the Mouse. Angel had been here several times but it was mostly business and at night. Now here in the daylight it was something totally new to him. He and the twins were coming off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride for the third time, laughing to find Cordelia sitting on a bench.

"Man," he said as they stopped in front of Cordy, "that is about the coolest ride. Well, next to Space Mountain, and maybe The Haunted Mansion."

Ian laughed. "I like it when we get splashed," the boy said as he grabbed his mother's hand. "We want to go see Robinson's Tree again."

"Well," Cordelia said as she looked down at Ian's hand, "it’s Kat's turn to pick. You boys picked the last two rides." She glanced over at Angel, happy that he was so happy. She had never seen him grinning that wide before in all the years that she had known him. "And you two still haven't been on the Indiana Jones ride or the Star Wars ride."

Kat was perched on her father's shoulders, taking up that residence as soon as they left any ride. She tapped her chin as she thought. A sort of childish brooding old Angel face came over her. "I think... I want ice cream!" She exclaimed, gently patting her horse's (her father's) head.

Ian jumped up on the bench then jumped down. "Yah," he called out. "Ice Cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" He repeated jumping up and back down on the bench.

Angel reached up and tickled Kat in the sides lightly. "Oh, we know why she is being so nice about suggesting ice cream, don't we," he said as his fingers tickled her.

"Ian, easy there. Settle down." Cordy reached over and tried to get the kid from jumping up and down and shouting. She looked over at Angel, pleading for some help to handle him. He had been keyed up since last night and no one had gotten any sleep.

Kat giggled and squirmed as much as she could on her father's shoulders without falling right off. "Why do I want ice cream, daddy?"

Angel grabbed his son by the collar after the stopped tickling Kat. But his reply was to his daughter. "Well, somebody wants to ride the tea cups, go to the castle and ride Small World."

"I still get more turns. I can go on those rides then. I want ice cream now. My tummy is rumbling." She put her small hands on her stomach and looked down at it. As if on cue, it grumbled at her.

Cordy watched Angel as he grabbed Ian by the collar. She was convinced now that they needed to get the kids socialized. She looked down at the map, trying to find the nearest food stand with ice cream.

Angel looked up the street. "It’s that way," he said to Cordy. He waited for her to stand, still holding on to Ian.

“How did I know you would know exactly where the food was at this place?” She stood up and moved so that she could stand at Angel's side. She gave him a smile. She loved seeing him this happy and admittedly, she loved that she was the cause of that happiness. She was willing to bet than neither Darla nor Buffy would have risked their lives for a chance to achieve his Shanshu. Then again, neither of them would have been the key to it.

"Do we have to go see that castle," Ian asked. "It’s for girls."

Angel tugged on the boy's collar. "Katy has gone where you wanted the last two times now it’s her turn. Yes, you have to go."

"You have to learn that it’s not always your way or the highway, kiddo. When it’s your turn, then you get to pick where to go. After Kat, it’s Dad's turn, then yours again." Cordelia had taken herself out of the turn rotation. This day was for the kids and for Angel.

Finding an old fashioned ice cream parlor Angel pulled Kat off his shoulders so they could order. As the kids worked on deciding he turned to Cordelia. "Have I told you I love you today?"

She smiled at Angel. "This morning. Before and after that special wake up that you gave me." She nudged Angel gently. She rested her head on his shoulder. "Let me guess, you are going to get the rocky road?"

Angel just chuckled at that and walked them on up to the counter. The kids put in their order and he did his, yes it was Rocky Road. However, he got it in a bowl with two spoons.

She laughed when Angel did that. She nudged him. "You are that cheap that I don't get my own ice cream?" She was merely teasing him. She didn't mind sharing with him, even if she knew that he would be eating most of it. She knew better than to get between Angel and chocolate.

Taking up a spoon he ate some and smiled at her. "There's always seconds if I want more," he told her through that grin. "This way neither of us eats more then we should."

"Angel, you have been gorging yourself on junk food ever since you Shanshu'ed. No one is going to be afraid of a tubby Champion." She walked to a table and sat down. She waited for the kids to take a seat as well. "What did you two get?"

Kat was busy licking her ice cream to keep it from melting down off her cone. She smiled at her mother. "Mint Chocolate Chip. Just like you get." Kat offered the cone to Cordelia with a big smile. This was so great. She could talk to the baby and her parents were back together and her daddy was out in the sunshine.

Ian sat down also and was already at work on his cone. "I got chocolate chip cookie dough," he said between bites. Ice cream was on his nose and chin.

Angel stopped and looked at the ice cream then down at his stomach. "But being like this I'm hungry," he said. "And when I get done with a fight...I feel like I could eat a horse. Besides the other side effects."

"If I come home and you are elbow deep in a thoroughbred, it’s over." Cordy leaned over so that she could take a small bite from Kat's cone. She smiled at the little girl. "Thank you, Kat. What about you, Ian? You going to share with me? I think if I try to share with dad, he will bite my arm off."

Ian looked at his mother then his father then back. "But I thought he couldn't get fangs anymore?" When he said that a couple had passed and looked over at the family with raised brows. Ian didn't notice. He held his cone up to his mother. "There's a big piece of cookie dough on top."

"Ooooh, my favorite." She leaned over to take a bite from the cone. Again, she didn't take a big one. She didn't want to take away from the kids. She sat back up. Whatever people overheard, they would probably just think it was kids saying the darndest things. "So whose turn is it after ice cream?"

Ian knew who's turn it was so he didn't speak up he just worked on his ice cream. So far Katy hadn't told on him about saying how he wished to be a vampire like their father, or like he was, because he knew he'd get the lecture of a life time from them. It was nice to have a family day literally in the day, but still, would the slayers and the two kids that belonged to a couple of the slayers think he was still cool since his father wasn't a vampire anymore.

Ian wasn't one that was usually quiet so that instantly alerted Cordelia that something was wrong. "Ian, what's up? Are you upset because its dad's turn to pick? I promise, he won't be allowed to pick Country Bears again."

Ian looked up at his mother. He seemed to be wearing more ice cream then eating it. "Nothing," he told her. "I was just thinking. Ice cream makes me think. It’s my braims food."

"Ice cream makes you think, huh? What big thoughts were you having?" She glanced at Angel quickly, giving him a bit of a smile. He wasn't exactly sharing a whole lot of that Rocky Road ice cream with her. She reached into her purse, getting out the handiwipes to clean Ian off with.

Kat looked at her father and she couldn't hide the twinkle in her eye at how happy she was. She offered her cone to him in case he wanted a taste as well. "Daddy, you want some mint chocolate chip?"

Angel leaned over to Kat. As he did he took his spoon and offered a bite to her as he took one from her cone. "Mmmmm," he said closing his eyes. "It is so hard for me to decide what my favorite is."

Ian just shrugged. "Just stuffs," he said. He wasn't about to say what stuff. Suddenly he looked up and grinned. He pointed yelling, "IT’S GOOFY!"

Kat giggled at her dad. She took the spoonful of ice cream from him with a smile. "Daddy, you are silly. You don't have to pick. You can love them both." Kat just grinned at him and it was quite clear, she wasn't talking about ice cream. She shot Ian a look though. "Do you have to yell?"

Cordy was busy trying to clean Ian off when he started pointing and yelling. "Hey hey, kiddo. Sit down, let me get you cleaned up and then you can go say hello to Goofy. Even get your picture taken with him."

"MOMMY," he said squirming to try and get up. "He's walking away!"

Cordy looked at Angel as she tried to keep Ian still. "Champ, can you go stop a 7 foot dog for me?" She was desperately trying to wipe at Ian's face to get all the sticky ice cream off. It wasn't going well with him trying to get away.

He looked at his son. "Ian, sit still or you won't get to see him at all," Angel said as he stood. He turned to head for the character and then paused as he approached. He frowned at Goofy.

She caught sight of that frown and she knew exactly what it meant. She looked to Kat, handing her the box of handiwipes. "Kat, clean your brother up. And don't give me any gruff." She stood up from where she was sitting. She was already reaching into her bag to pull something out. She knew Angel was smart enough not to stake Goofy right here in the middle of the park, not with all the kids around.

Kat sighed heavily, wounded by the fact she needed to clean Ian up. "Come here." She grabbed Ian and yanked him over by the arm. She wasn't gentle like their mother. She was practically slapping him when she cleaned his face off.

Angel backed away a bit and looked back to Cordy. It wasn't hard to believe that a vampire would take a job like this. It would be all covered from the sunlight, make a little cash and mark its innocent prey. Leaning to Cordy to whisper to her, not wanting any chance for Goofy to over hear he spoke, "I'm going to follow it. They are required to take breaks pretty often to get out of those things. Vampire wouldn't want to push it and be noticed."

She slipped Angel a stake and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She wanted to make sure she was close to him to prevent Goofy from seeing the stake slippage. "I am eating the rest of your ice cream while you are gone." She whispered back to him. She pulled away and headed back for the kids. "Sorry guys, Goofy has to go on a break."

Ian was sitting still. He watched his parents, and yes, the wheels were turning in his head. He knew that their mother would take them on walking because dad would find them. But he just remained silent now while sitting there.

"So what ride do we want to go on next? How about Peter Pan? I liked that one when I was growing up." She finished cleaning Ian up. Kat had already cleaned herself up. She gathered up all the trash, throwing it away. "Your dad wants to go on the Matterhorn so we will wait until he comes back for that one."

"Yeah, sure," Ian replied all too easily. He was going to wait for the right moment when his mom and sister weren’t paying attention.

Cordelia got up off the bench and got all their things together. At least they hadn't gone to the gift shop yet. She took Kat's hand and then Ian's hand, walking them towards Fantasyland. Kat gasped though, tugging on her mom's hand. "Mom..." she whispered, as if it might break the spell, "It’s...Belle. Can I...can I please go say hello?"

Cordelia hid her snickers from Kat. The poor girl was so excited. Her eyes were so big with wonder and excitement. She started to walk both of the kids over towards the character.

Kat broke away from her mother and went running for the Disney Princess. Who could resist the girl who fell in love with the Beast? It reminded her of her mommy and daddy. Cordy let go of Ian's hand to go rushing after Kat. "Kat! Come back here!"

Ian bided his time; he could do that when he wanted. He knew his mother would get just as wrapped up in Belle as Katy because, well, because they were girls. "Mommy, while you and Kat see Belle I need to go pee." he pointed to the restroom just off to the right.

Cordy looked back to Ian, she was busy trying to keep Kat from tripping over herself to meet Belle. "Okay, but be right back. Don't talk to strangers. I am keeping an eye on you."

Ian ran for the bathroom and glanced back at his mother. He waited for a crowd of people to pass and he moved right with them then ran off in the direction he saw his father and Goofy go. He could track like his father and older brother, maybe not as good but he could. Tracking his father was easy since he was familiar. Finally, he spotted Goofy first. The costumed character was shaking hands with a boy before he turned and went into an area that had restricted posted. Then he saw his father. Angel paused, waited and followed Goofy into that area.

Angel followed Goofy as he walked among the grounds. This was so wrong on many levels and yet what better way to hide then in the open for something evil. But this was a beloved children's character. He wanted to be alone when he took out the vamp. He didn't want to be known as the one that killed Goofy.

Goofy moved to a darkened area and pulled the head off. He set it to the side. He pulled a pack of cigarettes out from inside his costume. He shook one free of the pack and brought it up to his lips. He already picked out a couple of good marks. Once the park got dark, he would feast. Too many people got distracted by the nightly fireworks and it was easy to steal a couple of kids away.

Angel waited a few moments then stepped out. "Excuse me," he said, "but I thought the sign back there said restrooms this way? And I don't think you should be smoking in company uniform."

Goofy looked over at the guy that just came out. He was getting a rather weird feeling from the guy. He wasn't human but he couldn't place what the guy was. "I am in the shadows. And this is a restricted area."

Ian got in his best sneaky mode and found a hiding place behind a barrel. He watched as he father talked to Goofy.

"Not restricted enough," Angel told the vampire. Then he lunged for him, the stake out and ready. He tackled the vampire off his seat and for the hard asphalt ground.

It was a good thing for the vampire that Angel had knocked him back into the shadows instead of out into the sunlight. The vampire growled and brought his knee up into Angel to get him off.

Angel rolled but came up on his feet. In a fluid motion he brought his leg up in a spinning kick to get the vampire in the head.

Ian watched this fight and he balled his little fists. He was punching at nothing but was trying to imitate his father's moves.

The vampire ducked the kick to the head but brought a fist to Angel's middle. The fist connected with enough force to send Angel stumbling back.

Angel stumbled but came up, stake in hand and went to drive it into the vampire's chest. When the creature went to dust the Goofy suit collapsed. Before Ian could come from his concealment somebody in came out of the building.

Looking at Angel holding the costume, the guy frowned. "What are you doing here, dude," he said. "You're supposed to be out there, your break is up."

Angel tried to get a word in but the guy turned on his heals and headed back in calling over his shoulder, "Get out there and make smiles on the kids’ faces...NOW!" And the door shut behind him.

Ian came out and ran up to his father. "Wow, that was just as good as when you were a vampire," he said and flung his arms around his father's leg. He looked up.

Cordelia had snapped a few photos of Kat with Belle but when she turned around, Ian still hadn't returned from the men's room. She stopped a passerby, showing him a picture of her son on the digital camera, asking the man if he could go inside and check for Ian. He came out, shaking his head. Cordelia was frantic now. She grabbed her cellphone, dialing Angel's, hoping that he picked up.

After Angel had dispatched the vamp he stood there a moment and then turned to see his son. A frown creased his brow. "Ian," he said in a reproachful tone.

The boy was grinning from ear to ear. "Boy, that was so awesome," he said. "That ol' blood sucker didn't have a chance."

Angel stepped over and met the boy half way. "Ian, you were supposed to stay with your mother," he told him. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see you fight," Ian replied. "I didn't know...well, you're not a vampire anymore and didn't know...”

He met the boy halfway and knelt down eye level with him. "You didn't know if I could still fight," he finished for his son. "Ian, I have the same abilities as I had before just...I'm alive now." He paused as he pulled out his cell phone as it started to ring with Cordelia’s special ring tone. "We're going to have a long talk about you running off when we get home."

"Yes, sir," Ian answered. He knew he was going to get a punishment when he was told that.

Cordelia was frantic when Angel answered the phone. "Angel, we have a problem. Ian is missing. He told me he was going to the bathroom but he isn't in there. I sent someone in to look for him. Oh god, I am right by the ice cream shop. I think someone took him. Wolfram and Hart or even some crazy. Where are you?"

"Cordy," he said, "Cordy, nobody has Ian but me. He's right here." He looked down at his son giving him that we are so going to have a good talk when we get home look.

"Oh, thank The Powers." Cordelia sounded beyond relieved when Angel said that. There was someone looking out for them up there after all. "I hope you told him how much trouble he is in. You have no idea how worried I was!" He probably did have some indication, given how upset she sounded on the phone.

"I told him we were in for a long discussion when we got home," he assured her and he reached on down to get Ian's hand as he stood to start back for his wife and daughter.

"Well, I think right off the bat; he needs to lose his next five turns. Why did he run off anyway, did he tell you?" She was determined to keep him on the phone until she could see him and Ian coming for her and Kat.

"Yeah," Angel replied as they walked. "He was afraid I wouldn't be able to fight like I used too." He spotted Cordy through the crowd now.

"That really isn't a good reason for him to go running off. If I believed in spanking these kids, he would have a red bottom when we get home. But I think taking away his turns to pick rides is good enough for now." She was looking around to see if she could see Angel and her son. Angel was a bit taller than her and he did have the advantage in terms of tracking her and Kat. Kat was more than happy to occupy herself talking to Belle. She was telling the poor worker all about her new niece, Annabelle.

He was right there behind her. "I think he understands a little now how much trouble he's in," he spoke as he put his phone up. "At least for now."

Ian stood beside his father, his small hand in his father's large one. He was looking down at the sidewalk but gave a glance up under his brow at his sister.

Cordy hung the phone up as she heard Angel behind her. She turned around and the relief was still clear as day in her eyes. She kneeled down and reached for Ian. "You gave me such a scare, Ian. Don't ever do that again." She pulled the boy in for a hug. She was still angry and upset but she wouldn't take it out on the little boy. She always had, in the back of her mind, to be a better parent than she had.

"I was 'fraid," Ian said as he got the hug. "I was afraid 'cause Da isn't vampire anymore and can be hurt. I didn't mean to scare you, Mommy."

"If you wanted to go be with your dad, you should have just told me." She pulled away to look at her son. She moved some of his hair away from his face. "What you did was wrong but I am not going to ruin our family day by making us leave. You have to give Kat your next five turns. And no complaining."

Ian just nodded and his gaze was still downward. He gave a bit of a sniff then brought his arm up and wiped his nose on his sleeve.

"Now, can you say you are sorry and give me a hug?" Again, she had been watching too many of those nannies shows. She could hold a grudge against just about anyone, as long as it wasn't her kids.

"I am, Mommy," he said grabbing her again. He stayed there a moment longer then pulled away. "I know now Da can fight still."

"Well, I am sure your dad doesn't appreciate you not having confidence in him. He is a Champion." Cordy stood up and she gave Angel a smile. "I think it’s your turn to pick, Angel."

Angel stood there acting like he had to think hard about this. "You know, I think I want to go to the Haunted Mansion and make fun of the ghosts," he said to his family.

"Haunted Mansion it is." Cordelia reached down to take Ian's hand. Kat was busy tugging on her father's leg, trying to get him to pick her up and put her on his shoulders.

Grabbing his daughter up, Angel put her on his shoulders. "Guide the way, Katy," he said knowing giving her a job would make her happy. "You can see better then we can."

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