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01 May 2010 @ 11:41 am
Quick pimps!  
If anyone has Twitter and loves Legend of the Seeker, it's been trending for over 2 hrs now and got up to number two Worldwide. Which is HUGE. So if you have an account, go over and do a few quick tweets with #LegendoftheSeeker. Also check out http://www.saveourseeker.com for more info on how to save Seeker. I think we're really close to meeting our target fundraising goal for an ad in Variety!

het_reccers is doing a special Whedonverse challenge until May 4th. So if you have some great recs you want to share of a het pairing (Spuffy fans, I'm looking at you! There have been NO Spuffy recs so far!) go over there and post away! I was more than a little sad face that the person that signed up for the Shipper Manifesto challenge for C/A didn't do theirs and I didn't see anyone sign up for Spuffy. Tsk tsk! (I even sent them a PM to remind them to please do what they signed up for and nothing, not even a PM back and they have been posting in their LJ! If you didn't want to do a C/A Shipper Manifesto then 1. don't sign up or 2. drop out so someone else could do it!)

Also, if you love those characters of color as much as I do, it's our Free for All week at still_grrr. That means you can do any character of color from any Whedonverse show. There aren't that many (sadly) to choose from but the few there are need some representation!

And in crazy news, I volunteered to take over seekerstillness. At least it's every two weeks so it should be easier than buffy_stillness to run.
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