Kelly (xlivvielockex) wrote,

Welcome back, bb!

I'm back from Vegas. I almost didn't come back. LOL The $20/night specials for weeknights was almost *too* good to pass up. So was the invitation from the friends we were staying with that we could continue to stay there as long as we wanted. Only work is what kept the husband and I from staying longer.

I ate too much, saw too many shows, spent too much time getting hit on by weirdos. It was awesome. LOL I love Vegas, sfm despite the fact I don't drink and don't gamble. (I mean, I don't have more than one beer and don't lose more than $10). Oh yeah, I probably should have checked that the American Country Music Awards weren't the same weekend I was going up. Vegas was filled up but the free concerts were great.

I'm trying to go back through the flist, a very much daunting task, but I need something to do since I'm exhausted. Why is it you always need a vacation after your vacation? LOL But if I miss something or you did something awesome, link me. :)

Oh and seriously, how much freaking win is this?
Tags: celebs, celebs: charisma carpenter, real life bs
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