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Peter Steele dead at 48

I don't usually post about celebrity deaths because for the most part, I don't know them and while their art might have affected me, for the most part it's just another day. I go "oh bummer, that sucks" and move on.

I did post about Vonnegut though and I'm posting about Peter Steele. Why? Because sometimes an artist comes along that just strikes a chord with you. Something about them speaks to something deeply inside of you. Whether it's their books or their music, it resonates with you.

Type O Negative was one of those bands. Most people didn't know them outside of the 'goth' community. They never had the commercial success they deserved. They never played the big time arenas. That didn't make any less amazing to me though. Their music shaped a lot of my teen years. I think the first time I saw one of their videos was on Headbangers Ball. (Does anyone else remember that? Back when MTV played videos?) Maybe that is why I appreciate them, a soundtrack to my misspent youth.

So here is to you, Peter Steele and your massively huge member (don't believe me, Google Peter Steele and Playgirl). I hope you're rocking it in Heaven.


(And god, if I am this upset about this, when someone in Depeche Mode goes, I'm going to be inconsolable.)
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