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04 January 2010 @ 11:37 am
Two Legend of the Seeker femslash fics  
Title: Five Moments Between Friends
Rating: G
Word Count: 500 (5x100)
Prompt: Kahlan/Other Confessor, sweet
Characters/Pairing: Kahlan/OC (other confessor, original character)
A/N: Thank you to the awesome damnskippytoo for the beta. Without her, well, she made this story with her suggestions. Thank you again! Written for the lots_femslash Secret Santa.

Kahlan would never forget the day that she met her. Kahlan was barely eighteen, just getting her first responsibilities as a Confessor. And here was this girl, older than her, who had survived on her own without any training in her powers. Her skin was so dark and lovely, almost the color of pitch, as if the night sky had come to Earth and formed a person, the entire blackness of the heavens swirling in two dark eyes. Her name was Naija and Kahlan was secretly overjoyed when the Mother Confessor asked Kahlan to help the new Confessor settle in.


Naija was defiant, keeping to herself instead of socializing with the other Confessors. The Mother Confessor was at her wit’s end, unable to get the young woman to fall into line.

Kahlan tried though, desperately, to get through to Naija. They would never turn their back on someone in need, but Naija had made it so difficult for anyone to give her help. Every evening Kahlan was the lone person to sit with Naija, eating in complete silence as black eyes glared.

It took nearly a month before Naija spoke to her, a simple phrase of, “Please pass the salt.”


“Kahlan.” The voice was soft, a whisper in the night, as the door of her bedroom creaked slowly open.

Sitting up slowly, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. “Naija? What’s the matter?”

The other woman hesitated for a moment before slipping in through the small crack between door and frame. She was silent, her face and body telling the story. She pulled her sleeping clothes tighter around her body. The terrors that came in the night were just a small fragment of what she had seen.

Wordlessly, Kahlan moved over patting the space on the bed next to her.


Naija held the staff awkwardly, unsteady like a newborn giraffe, limbs stretching out in opposing directions. Kahlan came up behind her, one hand snaking around her waist, the other sliding down the puckered skin of the scar that ran the length of Naija’s arm.

“It’s always tricky at first. With practice, you’ll get the hang of it.” Kahlan said with a smile, tone warm, friendly and calm. She felt her heart skip a beat as she felt Naija relax, turn her head, and return the smile.

Naija struck out, hitting the straw stuffed dummy with deadly accuracy with Kahlan’s guidance.


The world was changing; something had to be done to save them all. Kahlan and her sister were charged with finding and aiding The Seeker and Naija was too inexperienced to join them.

Just outside the gates, horses ready, Kahlan embraced Naija, letting it linger. She hoped this wouldn’t be the last time she saw the dark beauty, but she knew the truth.

As she pulled back, staring into those deep dark eyes, Kahlan knew she felt more than just friendship. She mounted her horse, giving one last look at Naija. She couldn’t bring herself to say the word “goodbye.”


Title: Five Times Kahlan and Cara Were Left Alone
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 500 (5x100)
Prompt: Kahlan/Cara, intensity
Characters/Pairing: Kahlan/Cara
A/N: Again, a huge thank you to damnskippytoo who did me a huge favor in beta'ing. Written for the lots_femslash Secret Santa.

The two women were surrounded by D’Haran soldiers, refugees still stupidly loyal to Darken Rahl. Back to back, Kahlan could feel the heat coming off Cara like a flame. So hot it felt as if it would burn her. She had to wonder how Cara could stand to be in such stifling, tight fitting clothes; it must be like wearing your own personal steam bath. She finally understood why the blonde insisted on peeling out of the red leathers every evening.

With a killing blow to one of the soldiers, Kahlan realized she didn’t mind Cara’s nightly nakedness that much.


Kahlan wrapped her arms more tightly around herself, trying to fight back the bitter cold that was nipping at her. Richard and Zedd had been gone for hours; the fire had long since died out, another victim of the brutal wind.

“Quit being stupid and come get under this fur with me.” Cara’s voice was like a flat lake, deceptively calm but dangerously deep.

Swallowing her pride, Kahlan moved to slip under the fur with Cara. Her hand brushed naked flesh, springing back from the sudden heat. It seemed Cara’s skintight clothing wasn’t the source of her warmth after all.


“Helping them was a bad idea.”

Kahlan bristled at Cara’s statement. They were trapped in an underground passage as the village burned above.

“We help people instead of killing them.”

“You’ve never killed a soldier? They were husbands, brothers, sons.” She could feel Cara close to her, a blaze that threatened to burn Kahlan right through..

She formed a fist, willing herself not to do anything that would make things worse, one of which was turning around and kissing Cara to shut her up.

She heard Richard’s voice, shaking the thoughts off, not stopping to wonder why she had them.


It happened so fast. One moment Cara was tending the fire. The next she was kissing her, using her body to press Kahlan against a tree, fingers digging into her chin. Kahlan’s lips parted, Cara’s tongue forcing its way in without invitation. She wanted to push Cara away but as her hands slid over her leather-clad arms, Kahlan found herself stopping, closing her eyes, and surrendering to the intensity of the kiss.

When Cara broke the contact, Kahlan’s lips tingled, the kiss lingering there. Cara stood smirking, one hip cocked to the side.

“I’ve wanted to do that for ages.”


“Your Confessor magic won’t work on me.”

That’s how it started. Now Kahlan found herself with a Mord’Sith’s naked body tangled with hers. Fingers dancing over her skin, exploring. Lips at her breast, sucking lightly, and a tongue rolling her nipple into the hardness of arousal. A palm sliding down across her belly, moving further, touching her in places no one had before.

She cried out as surprisingly gentle fingers entered her. The discomfort gave way to pleasure, scorching passionate pleasure coaxed from an enemy.

As she surrendered herself, Kahlan knew she’d have to be alone with Cara more often.
scarimorscarimor on February 26th, 2010 02:01 pm (UTC)
I like these :)
Kelly: LOTS: C/T Kissxlivvielockex on March 1st, 2010 05:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much. :)