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15 November 2006 @ 05:05 pm
Walking In My Shoes (32/?)(NC-17)  

Title: Walking In My Shoes (32/?)
Author: Kelly and Mike (collaborative writing team)
Posted: 11/15/06
Rating: Chapters range from PG to NC-17
Chapter: Chapter Thirty-Two rated NC-17
Email: jjsoapchat AT yahoo DOT com
Content: Cute stuff, action, drama
Scenes include: Cordelia, Kat, Ian, Lillian, Connor, Angel
Summary: Written for a challenge proposed on the Stranger Things message board. Challenge By rousedower. An AU/TT Challenge: Angel goes to another dimension, hence AU, somehow. And in this dimension he is married to Cordy and they have kids. But something happened to the other Angel (he's missing or dead), so there's mad tension and what not between this Angel and AU!Cordy. She knows he's not her Angel, but the kids (a boy and girl) are pretty young and think he's their father. I imagine a scene where their little daughter asks him to read her a bedtime story/tuck her in with Cordy trying to explain to her that he's not her father (really), and he does it.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made. 
Distribution: AO, ST, FSB, LJ. Whoever wants it, can have it, just credit
Notes: Cast List: Kelly writes for Cordelia, Gunn, Lorne, Lillian, Kat, Illyria/Fred, Lilah, Eve, Faith, Gwen, Harmony, Vail, random shop owners/demons. Mike writes for Angel(us), Connor, Wes, Ian, random filler chars. 
Feedback: Yes, please. Tell us how we are doing!

Cordelia tossed her last bag into the back of the GTX. If anyone saw, they would think the couple was going away for a month or more, not just a few days. Given what they both were, the trunk had their weapons while the backseat housed the luggage. She looked across to Angel. "That everything? We still have to say goodbye to the kids."

Putting the suitcases he had in the car he looked at them. "I think so," he said then got a smirk on his lips and looked over at her, "You sure you're not moving?"

She looked across the car at him. "Half of these bags are yours, Mr. Styling Products. I don't know how someone without a reflection can spend so much money on his appearance." She just shook her head. She moved around the car so she could head upstairs to say goodbye to the kids.

Angel followed her, putting his hand on the small over her back as the walked. When at the top of the stairs, he opened the door for her to enter the lobby of the hotel.

She didn't really feel like climbing the stairs again or taking the elevator. She cupped her hands over her mouth and called up. "Mom and dad are leaving!" That would be enough to get all the not quite humans downstairs. She was placing a bet in her mind on if Connor or Ian would be the first down.

Ian was through that door and on the third step from the bottom took a flying leap into his father's arms. "I want a pine cone," he said. "Bring me a pinecone or a raccoon! A raccoon would be cool!"

Cordelia just laughed at Ian. Pacman frogs, raccoons, lizards, toads, whatever animal he thought of for the moment was the one he wanted. Angel would be able to build him a zoo in the garden courtyard if he wanted when they got back. She saw Kat following afterwards. She knelt down and held her arms out. "How about a hug, Kat?"

Angel caught the boy as Ian knew he would. It was one of the best things have a vampire for a father. "Hey, now, Champ," he said, "I think a pinecone we can handle. How could we take a raccoon away from its mom or dad or babies?"

Kat ran over to her mother and gave her a big hug. The little girl was happy that her family was back together. It might not have been her or Ian's plan but it was a plan. She gave her mom a kiss on the cheek. "I will make sure Ian is good. And I will keep an eye on Lillian and Annabelle too."

Cordelia smiled as she hugged her daughter. She released her. "Good, someone needs to. Keep an eye on Connor and Ian too. The boys of this family can't take care of themselves." She tapped Kat on the nose which elicited a giggle from the little girl.

Lillian came down the stairs slowly, Connor with her as always. Her hand was on her lower back, right below his. She gave them both a smile. She hid her concern that this wasn't going to work well. She didn't want to deal with Angelus again, that is for sure.

Angel lowered to put Ian down. The boy then ran to his mother and grabbed her leg. Angel looked to Kat and reached out to her. "Hey, don't listen to her," he said to Kat. "I'm not half bad at taking care of myself. Haven't been doing it a couple centuries for nothing."

"How many of those years did you spend in the sewer, eating rat burgers, Angel?" Cordelia just gave him a look. She bent down to pick Ian up. "Ian, you have to be the man of the house while we are gone but listen to your brother. And no more pets, got it?"

Connor moved over to Cordy. He reached for her for a hug. "You two go have fun," he said and pulled back. "Just have fun. I don't know or want to think about what kind because you know, thinking about parents and sex...It’s not right."

Lillian just laughed at Connor. She was pretty sure that Angel and Cordelia didn't really fancy the idea of her and Connor having sex either. It was a two way street. She moved to give Cordelia a hug first and then Angel. She was learning, from living here with him, to ignore the slight cramps his being a vampire caused her. Those wouldn't be an issue when he got back though.

Angel returned her hug and he felt the baby kick against him. Pulling back, he looked down at Lillian's belly. "Nobody was forgetting you, Pip," he said. Then he looked at Lillian. "Take care of my grandbaby. She'll let us know if you fed her something not agreeable."

"Oh, I know..." Lillian laughed softly as she rubbed her stomach. "I don't think she liked the chimis Connor brought home last night but she did love the churros." She smiled at Angel before she moved back over to Connor. She reached out for Kat's hand. "Come on, Kat. We can go upstairs and watch My Little Pony. Let your parents get on the road."

Connor walked over, grabbed Ian up and put him over his shoulders. "Get out of here before I change my mind and toss him in the car with you."

The couple went back downstairs. The kids could take care of themselves now. Angel stepped around and opened the door for Cordy to get in the GTX when they got there. He got in also after she slid in the driver's side and over to the middle of the bench seat. Starting the Plymouth, he pulled on out of the garage.

Cordelia moved once Angel was behind the wheel so that she was sitting more in the middle now. She reached over to play with his radio, trying to find a station that she liked. "I am not listening to the Barry Manilow: Live in Vegas tape all the way up there. Though, have to admit, I never thought seeing him in concert would be fun. Color me pleasantly surprised."

Angel brought his arm up and over the back of the seat behind her. "No matter the concert, most of it is who you are with to how fun it can be."

"Was that a subtle way of saying that you have now thought of yourself as fun?" She glanced over at him. She raised a brow. Would the brooding king of the vampire world actually admit to being fun? The devil must be skiing this weekend too.

"I can be fun," he said glancing at her for a moment. "I can do fun things. I just don't let anyone outside of the privileged few know it." He looked back to the road. "I bought you a bunch of new clothes, which was fun."

"You are so full of it! That wasn't fun for you. Every time you crack your wallet open, I think you are going to keel over. You would think that a vampire might have a little better money sense. Like investing in high yield bonds or something." She reached over and fiddled with the channel on the radio again. As they headed out of LA, it was going to be harder and harder to get decent reception.

"Then I guess you don't want something hidden in this car," Angel said with a shrug. They were now in urban areas of L.A. He just kept his eyes on the road.

"You hid something in this car for me?" She scooted closer to Angel, the radio abandoned for the time being in favor of some promise of a present. She got nice and close to him. She put her hand on his knee, glad that the car was an automatic right about now.

"Just something I thought would make the trip a little more bearable for you," he said feeling that hand. He shifted in his seat because of that hand.

Cordelia was smart enough that she wasn't going to waste her time rummaging around in the car. She could use herself to get it out of Angel. She leaned closer to him, brushing her chest against his arm. "And what was that?"

This was the nice thing about the old bench seats instead of the buckets that cars now had, there was no console between them. "Well, I know how you keep complaining about that old radio in here," he said still keeping his eyes on the road but her flirting was not going unnoticed. "And since we have a couple hours drive..." He reached around her, leaned over to the glove box. Opening it, he pulled out a small electronic device, satellite radio.

She didn't even have to pull out the whole moving the hand from his knee to his thigh thing. He was slipping in his old age. He could have gotten at least a good feel out of it. She pulled back when he leaned over but she looked at what he pulled out. "Aww, Angel...technology! I am so proud of you." She took it from him and then leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah, well, I had Gunn and Connor do whatever it is you have to do to get those things to work. Something about placement of the receiver thingy for the tuner whatchamacallit," Angel said. "Now you can't say anything negative about my car."

"When was the last time that I ever said anything negative about the Angelmobile?" She glanced over at Angel before she went back to picking out a station. "Yes, I said once that it looked like you lifted it right out of That 70s Show but that was only because I found that 8 track wedged under the seat." She found a Top 40 station and affixed the console on the dash as best she could.

"You know, I don't or didn't take offense to that," he replied. "After all that is a good show, even if I only caught it in reruns since you wanted to watch it and all." He pulled on to the freeway. This late at night traffic was really light on it. "You know, I'm glad we're doing this. Time just you and me."

"Yeah...because the only thing you watch is hockey." She chuckled softly. "You are so full of it, Angel. You watch just as much TV as I do. Who ever thought we would actually have time to watch TV? Or have kids? Or even get together?" She leaned a little against him, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah, but I used to not watch TV, much," Angel said as he raised his arm to slip back around her. The street lights reflected on the car as the drove under them.

"I love how you only listen to parts of a sentence. Like, heard the first part but tuned out everything after you are full of it. Which is probably what you are going to do right now. Which means it’s probably a good time to tell you that I ran up 180 grand on the business credit card." Cordelia waited to see if that would get a reaction out of Angel.

"I am not...." he started to say. Then suddenly he pulled the car over to the shoulder and hit the brakes. He turned and looked at Cordy, eyes wide. "W-W-What???!!!"

She looked at Angel for a moment, trying to look serious but failing. She already had her camera phone out and she snapped a picture of Angel's stunned face. "Oh yeah, that one is going on the Christmas card." She said before she burst into peals of laughter. She was just testing him to see if he was listening. Apparently, he was.

He sat there a moment and digested what had just happened then he reached over and went for that phone. "I don't do Christmas cards, remember?"

She sprung her hand back and upwards so that he couldn't get a hold of the phone. She leaned back in the seat. She held the phone over her head, furiously trying to email the picture to herself. She was laughing pretty hard though. "Gotcha, gotcha!"

Angel kept trying to get the phone when a motorcycle pulled up behind them. CHP got off it and walked up to the side of the car. "What is going on here," the cop said with his hand on the butt of his gun.

Angel stopped his wrestle with Cordy and turned to look over his shoulder. "Oh, everything is okay, officer," he said.

Cordelia tilted her head and gave the officer a smile. She was still moving her fingers over the keys. She could text message in the dark. "Evening, Officer. I am just harassing my husband." The photo was sent before she got the words out of her mouth. She turned to look back to Angel, sticking her tongue out at him.

The CHP looked from the man and then the woman. "Are you sure, miss," he asked. "This is your husband and you weren't fighting or struggling?"

She smiled at Angel, with a devilish twinkle in her eye. "He does like being handcuffed so...." She trailed off as she looked at Angel. She was waiting for that flash of fear that she might have him arrested. She tilted her head back to the officer. "I swear, officer. Everything is perfectly fine. We will get out of here before you have to cite us for public indecency." She moved so that she could sit up straight in the seat once more.

Angel just smiled at the officer, gave a nod then put the car in gear and drove on. The CHP watched them as they went and shook his head. He then turned and got back on his bike, started it and pulled on out.

Cordelia leaned back in the seat and gently nudged Angel with a barefoot after slipping out of her shoe. "I could have had you arrested, waiting in a jail cell until dawn. I think that owes a thank you for not doing it."

"Oh, you think so," he said giving her a glance. "Then where would your week of never ending sex and passion be? Huh?"

"Are you kidding me? Have you seen me? I could get any ski bum in the lodge." She chuckled and nudged him once more before bringing her foot down. She shifted her position and rested her head on his shoulder again. She didn't say anything because she didn't have to.

"Yeah, but how many of those ski bums would have what you've become accustomed to." He kept driving. His hand slipped from the wheel and to her leg.

She closed her eyes as she felt the coolness of the hand on her leg. It was a sensation that she wouldn't be feeling for much longer. "And what exactly have I become accustom to, Angel?"

"You know," he replied, "long hours of just pleasing you. And my scrambled eggs." he chuckled as his hand moved up her leg.

"Mmmm...I can do without the sex but someone cooking for me that really is priceless." She was honest, as always, when she said that. She yawned, quickly covering her mouth with her hand. All the late nights working with Wes and Ian's excitement of his parents' trip, had cut down on her sleep considerably.

"Why don't you just sleep until we get there," he told her, sensing her state. "We've got a long drive and want to be there before dawn."

She nodded her head. "I have the best pillow of all. My Angel pillow." She kicked off her other shoe and curled her feet up on the seat. She leaned more against him but not enough to impede his driving. "Don't change my station..." She mumbled as she drifted off into sleep.

Cordelia opened the door to the cabin and slipped inside, loaded down with groceries. It was nearing sunset so Angel would be awake but she didn't want to make noise to wake him. She made her way to the kitchen and set the bags down. She started to unload the groceries for the week, putting them in the fridge and pantry. She quickly hid the gallon of "chocolate decadence" ice cream behind the ice bin. She didn't want Angel to see it early and get suspicious.

The bedroom was a loft that had a large window that they had made sure would have heavy curtains to be pulled in the day. The cabin was a cedar log cabin with vaulted ceilings and rock wall fireplace. It had a deck with a view of the mountains and a hot tub in a closed in glass insulated area.

Angel was still asleep. He turned from his side to his back in the big, California king bed that went along with the same decor of southwestern as the rest of the cabin.

She hummed along to a song that is stuck in her head. She pulled a single container of pig's blood out of the bag. It would be the last one Angel would ever need. She bent over to put it away, a few of the lyrics slipping out instead of humming. "Cause you're filthy and ooooh, I'm gorgeous. You're disgusting and oooh, you're nasty." She came back up, hoping that her less then classical trained voice wasn't enough to wake Angel up.

The vampire's eyes opened. That voice he so normally loved hearing wasn't that loved now. His sensitive hearing picking up those miskeyed notes and the cracking voice. Sitting up, he looked at the time. Grabbing his robe, he slipped it on then headed down the stairs. "You know, I never want to hear another word about my singing," he said, but in a very good natured way.

She turned around when she heard the sound of his voice. She was in the process of getting him a mug to make him up his breakfast. "Hey! I am not THAT bad, Angel. Besides, I am in a good mood." She got out the blood and chocolate syrup from the fridge. She was trying something new today instead of cinnamon.

Watching her he stepped over and took the chocolate. "Ah, let's not," he said. "It really doesn't work well like that. Only thing that does is alcohol." He sets the chocolate aside and turns her around to him. "The only sweet thing I need to wake me up is this," he said and he leaned to her and kissed her.

She blindly put the mug on the counter as he kissed her. She pulled away with a grin on her lips. "Dork." She turned in his arms so that she could still make him some blood while he held her. He would be thanking her for that chocolate syrup tomorrow.

His arms went around her as she worked. He pressed his cheek to her hair. "So, you hit the slopes this afternoon," Angel asked her. Not able to himself since it was a partly cloudy day.

"I went and checked things out. There are three vampires in the lodge. I think they are waiting until the evening get together to strike. After the sun sets, I thought you could run over there, dust them, and bring back some wood for a fire tonight." There were actually vampires, which was a good coincidence since she needed Angel gone to get things ready. She had a carefully planned seduction in her mind and it started by taking the potion. Angel couldn't be present for that.

He nodded. "And with the snow falling tonight they have a fireside meal served right up. Working vacations, have to love 'em." He slowly released her.

"Hey, you signed up for this Champion gig." Once he let go of her, she went to put his blood in the microwave. "It will take you a half hour tops. And when you get back, we will cuddle up in front of the fire and we can make love until dawn."

"Now that is the part I like about this trip," Angel gave her ass a swat. He looked out the window the moonlit night. "At least we don't have any werewolves to contend with...or did you notice anyone buying dog chow that doesn't have a dog?"

She laughed when he said that. "I know better than that. Werewolves don't eat dog chow. They prefer their meals a little fresh and human-er." She took the blood out of the microwave and handed it to him. She smiled gently as she watched him. He didn't know it but it would be one of his last liquid meals.

Before he drank, he leaned over and gave her another kiss. "I'll go up and get dressed and drink this while I am," he told her. "That way we can get his problem cleared out of the way and enjoy, hopefully, the rest of our second honeymoon in peace." With that he turned and headed upstairs to dress.

Cordelia watched him go up the stairs. She didn't hesitate in her decision. The Powers had shown her the life that she and Angel could have. It was a life where everyone could be happy, with the occasional monster slayage in there. She knew, in her heart, that it would work. That was good enough for her. She cleaned up the kitchen and found other tasks to busy herself before Angel left.

Angel entered the lodge of the resort. It carried much the same decor themes as the cabins but on a larger scale. He wore his typical leather trenchcoat, looking a bit out of place with all the parkas and ski clothing. He was wearing a grey sweater under it, though.

He scanned the place with his senses; he could smell his own kind as well as they could smell him. Some even managed to tell he had a soul, but those were the older ones. The ones that had been around longer then him. The west coast was running in short supply of them, however, and that was mostly in thanks to Angel and his family. The lodge didn't seem to have a lot of guests tonight but it was the beginning of the week. But then he saw what he was looking for, over in the bar area close to the large, rock fireplace. They were there chatting up some young girls.

No wonder that Cordelia was easy to spot them. There were three of them and not a single one of them had thought to wear winter gear. They were all dressed in t-shirts and jeans. Two of them were recently turned, within the last decade or so but the blonde was older. He was no doubt the leader of this little group as he put his arm around one of the girls, leading her out towards the hot tub.

Angel recognized the older one. He walked up to him and stopped them. He glanced at each one of the vampires. Vampires in gangs were like a pack of wolves hunting. They might not have any real loyalties to each other but when a member of a pack is jumped they all pile in.

"Sorry," Angel said. "Hot tub is down for repairs." He looked to the girls. "Guess your dates are off for the night."

One of the younger ones stepped up. "Hey, what business is it of yours, dude," he told Angel. "You need to pack it up and find someplace else."

The blonde one stepped forward and put his hand against the younger one's chest. He looked to the girls. He smiled at them. "Why don't you ladies go to the bar and wait for us? Put your drinks on our tab. We will only be a moment." The blonde waited until the women moved back before looking to Angel. "This is not your territory, Angelus."

Angel knew the blonde. He was from England. He was one of a gang that he and Darla had taken up with for a short time after dodging Holtz. The famed vampire hunter had been after Jonathan's gang also. "Well, Jon, it’s like this," he said to the other vampire seeming not to pay the fledglings much attention, "I believe in broadening out. Expanding my horizons."

Jonathan smirked at Angel. He could feel that soul in him, that dirty thing that rested in like a pit inside of the vampire. "Jon...So formal. You once called me cousin. You could have taken over the line after The Master's unfortunate demise if you hadn't been...saddled with your burden." Jonathan's hand slipped into his jacket, hand curling around his weapon. "Boys, you best leave me. This is family business."

The two vampires listened to their sire. As much as they would like to stay and fight, they knew when to run away. Jonathan would take care of this punk and then join them later. The two ran off, heading back for the bar and the evening meal.

"Yeah, I was a bit of a disappointment to the old man, even back in the day when he couldn't even keep Darla at his side," Angel said watching the poof vamp. "But, hey, you still aren't upset because I beat the crap out of you that time you tried making a pass at me? Tried to get all grab ass. That wasn't cool."

He merely chuckled at Angel. He was waiting for the other vampire to make the first move. "You always were quite the homophobic monster, Angelus. I heard tales that you got a boy of your own though. One called Spike. I can tell you are still a closet case though."

"First, he wasn't mine," he told Jonathan. "Second he pissed me off." He took a step towards the other. Angel was not unaware that The Master's little ass kisser had a weapon. Even before Jonathan was turned, he'd been a dirty little street bastard.

"I didn't think that sodomy was the requisite punishment for pissing you off." He merely grinned as Angel took a step towards him. "But I can smell a woman on you now." He closed his eyes briefly, lifting his chin. "Like lavender and lilac." He opened his eyes to look back at Angel. "Once I dispatch you, I will make sure the boys find her and teach her what a real vampire is."

In a quick motion Angel grabbed that arm with the hand in the pocket then he punched Jonathan in the face sending the other vampire back into the large cowhide covered couch. Angel could let this sorry left over from The Master's grand plan insult him all he liked but when he threatened his family that didn't go to well. Unlike Jonathan, Angel had something to fight for; something the other vampire would never have the chance to experience.

Jonathan was up on his feet in an instant. He merely smiled at Angel. "I am not the same vampire who you once abused, Angelus." He drew a sword out from his jacket. He pointed it at Angel. He was more than happy to take care of this poor souled bastard.

Angel looked at the sword. "Oh, c'me off it. Who the hell brings a sword to a ski resort," Angel took a couple steps to the side. Reaching under his coat, he drew out a light sword also. It wasn't his favorite broad sword but then that was way too big to be carrying around a resort with a bunch of tourists. "I guess I do." He lunged onto the offense on Jonathan, trying to put him into the defense.

Jonathan stepped back and he blocked Angel's initial thrust. "Always leaping before you look. That is what got you into trouble with Holtz. You are just a big, dumb, uncultured ape." Jonathan broke away from Angel and then lunged forward on his own. His move was carefully calculated, going for the stomach as opposed to the head, arms, or heart.

"At least I enjoyed the plays before I ate the performers," he said locking blades with Jonathan when he brought his sword in for a midsection strike. He yanked forward so they could be standing toe to toe. "I should have killed you long ago when you ruined the production of Midsummer's Night when you ate the star and the understudy. That just really ruined my night."

"How could I resist? They were beautiful. I always have had a weakness for the beautiful ones." He stood toe to toe with Angel, his eyes glittering with the light of pure evil. He finally yanked his sword free and stepped back.

Angel stepped back. He brought his sword in an arch, not pausing. He was looking to run it into Jonathan's side.

Jonathan jumped back from the sword that was coming fast at his side. It barely caught him, cutting into shirt and skin. He hissed between clenched teeth. "You will pay for that." He said, meaning the shirt and not his skin. Skin would heal. "Tell me, Angelus...this woman of yours, is lovelier than that alto Maria?" He brought his sword up quickly, trying to cut off Angel's arm from the bottom.

Angel leaped to the side but not before the sword did cut into his side a bit, the move having thrown off Jonathan's true aim. He didn't let it show though on his face. He was tired of messing with this asshole. But then Jonathan always tended to bore him quickly. He was almost as annoying as Spike was. He moved in with very quick parries with the blade. He was looking to disarm Jonathan.

"I see you have lost the fine art of conversation when you gained that soul of yours." Jonathan moved back quickly and blocked each of the quick strikes Angel was making. That was, until the last one. His sword flipped out of his hand and went flying upwards. Jonathan took a step back, raising his hands up.

With a quick, level swing, Angel brought his blade for its target, Jonathan's neck. His sword sliced through and the vampire exploded into dust. Angel lowered his sword. "Actually you just bored me," he said to that dust. He then turned to look to the bar to see if he could see the other two.

The bar was empty though. Whatever the two had said to the women, it had been enough for them to leave with the two vampires. They were not out by the hot tub or anywhere in the general area. In the time it had taken Angel to dispatch Jonathan, the other two had gotten away. Whether they were alone or not would remain to be seen.


Cordelia moved quickly as soon as Angel had gone out the door. She knew that a few vampires weren't going to take him that long. Knowing him, he would forget that she asked him to get wood for the fireplace too. He sort of had a one track mind after fighting since they had secured his soul. Killing demons was like some sort of demonic foreplay. She waited until she knew Angel was well on his way to the lodge before she slipped into the bathroom with her purse. She had buried the vial in the small pocket of the purse, along with her personal products. She knew Angel would rather face a horde of zombies than go in there. She took the vial out, uncapped it, and drank it quickly. The effects were almost instant. She felt that stabbing in her gut and she doubled over. The potion spread through her mid-section, lighting up her veins under her skin until it concentrated over her heart. Just as soon as it came, it was over. She straightened back up; glad the pain was only for an instant. She hurried so that she could get changed for Angel's arrival.

Cordelia had barely finished getting ready when she heard the door open and close. She knew it was Angel. It wasn't her fault that it took her a while to get perfect for him. She opened the bathroom door just a crack, calling to him. "Bottle of wine is uncorked and breathing on the counter. You can start the fire. I will just be a minute."

Angel made a short search and came up empty. He decided to head back to the cabin, ignoring the wound in his side for now. The short walk brought him to the door and he opened it. Stepping through, he closed it behind himself. Leaning the sword on the wall by the door, he then pulled off his coat with great ease. Looking at his side, he saw the blood but the wound wasn't as bad as it looked, it was just more about the place it was in. It would heal by morning and be nothing more then a red mark, he knew. "Wine, good," he said. "Fire, uh..." He looked to the fireplace and lucky him he saw wood. The lodge probably provided the first few logs. He went to start the fire and then he got the wine. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it to the back of a chair.

The bathroom opened once more and she called out again. "Oh! And I got some candles at the supermarket. I put them in the living room. If you want to light them and turn down the lights." The bathroom door shut again. Cordelia checked herself in the mirror quickly once more. Everything had to be just perfect tonight. She looked great though she knew she could wear a burlap sack and make it look great.

He glanced back up at the loft again and grinned. He also went and moved the sofa and the table. He arranged some pillows and blankets on the floor in front of that fireplace. After lighting the candles, he poured the wine.

She opened the bathroom door again, this time not to call down to him but to come down. She made her way down in the stairs, all very much Venus descending. She had gone to Victoria's Secret to pick out something sexy. She had settled on a rich purple silk halter babydoll. Not that it would matter to Angel but it made her feel sexy, which was always important. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs. "What do you think?"

Angel turned to see her. His brow rose and his jaw slacked. He stood there in his pants and wife beater, bruised here and bloody there. But it took him a bit before he could speak. "I...I think...I'm not wanting to think right now."

Cordelia saw the dark stain in his wife beater and for the moment, all thoughts about sex were gone from her mind. She rushed over to him. "Angel...jeeze. You can dress him up but you can't take him out." She reached to pull the wife beater up over his head and toss it into the fire. It was ruined. She wasn't Suzy Homemaker enough to sew up a cheap a-shirt.

"I'm fine," he tried assuring her. "It’s not even bleeding anymore. It’s only a flesh wound."

"Just be quiet and let me take care of it. I don't know what you would do without me." She just shook her head. She gently placed her palm over the wound. She closed her eyes to concentrate. Since it was a small wound, she was only faintly glowing. Around her though, instead of white or yellow, she was tinged with purple.

Angel felt that tingle. He closed his eyes a moment and when he opened them he frowned slightly. He knew the colors of that aura and he'd never seen this color. "Are you okay," he asked.

"Huh?" She opened her eyes and she looked up at him as she pulled her hands away from his wound. "I would be a lot better if you put your arms around me and made love to me." She gave him a small smile.

"It’s just...the color was different," Angel said still a bit worried. "The color...you know of the aura around you...it looked kind of purple."

She was busted and she knew it. She was a smart girl and it never even registered on her face. "Angel...I am wearing purple and the lights are low. You lost blood. Plus, I just gave you some feel goods. You probably were just seeing the candles reflecting off the purple silk or something."

"You sure," he wanted to be re-assured. He was using what senses he could to tell if she was hiding something. All he could detect was her heart rate was up but then that could be because of arousal.

"Yes. I am sure. I am fine." She reached up to touch either sides of his face. She moved closer to him as she came up to give him a deep kiss. If anything would get him to forget about the purple aura that would be it!

It took a moment but then he returned that kiss. His hands went down her sides and around to her ass. When he realized she needed to breathe, he broke the kiss to look down at her. "Wine," he asked her in a soft voice.

"Wine would be good." She smiled at him. That worked like a charm, every single time. She slipped out of his arms to grab both full glasses. She sat down on the floor, among the pillows and blankets he had arranged. She waited for him to sit down before she passed him his glass.

He got down beside her on his side and took the glass. Looking up at her, he smiled. Moments like this the vampire known as Angel seemed to melt away and the young man that had been known as Liam came through. He had that spark of ornery gleam in his eye, the smirk. Three people made up this one individual and at times each managed to show itself in different ways.

"What are you smiling for? Or are you just imagining what I look like naked?" She returned Angel's smile with one of her own as she took a sip from the wine. She lowered the glass as she waited on his answer.

"I know what you look like naked," he told her, "That always makes me smile." He took a drink then put the glass down. He moved down, kissed her bare thigh, and ran his hand down the back of her leg.

"Can't even wait for a girl to get drunk before you put the moves on her." She chuckled but she didn't mean it. She knew that he knew she didn't mean it either. She took another sip of her wine, closing her eyes as she felt the coolness of his hand against her leg.

"You just keep drinking," he told her as he kept up kissing and caressing her leg. Then he moved his hand up under the baby doll, exploring her. His long fingers stroked under her breast.

"You are making it hard to do anything but sit here and enjoy you touching me." She was serious when she said that. She had to almost force herself to take a sip of her wine because her mind was so focused on this. It wasn't just going to be sex; she was going to be helping Angel to achieve something he so desperately wanted.

"My problem is," Angel said looking up at her, "I can't keep my hands off you." He brought his hand back down to start working her thong from her hips. He loved unwrapping gifts.

"I sort of got that considering your hands are all over me." She laughed softly. She finished off her wine, reaching over to put the glass next to the fireplace. She turned her body to make it easier for him to take her panties off.

He slowly slid them down her legs letting his hands slip down them as he did. Pulling them off her feet, he turned back to her. His own trouble was showing by the bulge of his pants.

She propped herself back on her elbows as she looked at him. She just smiled at him. "What, I don't get a show? I got the wine and the candles. Take those pants off." She nudged him gently with her toe.

Angel undid he belt then his pants. He then pulled them down and when off he tossed them aside. He moved up to her. "Better," he asked then lowered to kiss her thigh again.

"I was hoping a little bit of a dance. You should have seen the guy at my bachelorette party." She just shook her head and leaned back a little as she felt him kiss her thigh again. "I guess I won't be able to rent you out for parties is all. Oh darn."

"I....don't....dance," he said, each word between a kiss. Those kisses were making their way higher up her thigh. He could smell her sex. It caused his nostrils to flair. Something was different...something seemed charged. Her scent was stronger then it had been and it seemed to be calling to the demon in him. He growled lowly, barely audible.

"You could have just moved your hips or something. I did that sexy little striptease for you for your birthday last year!" She didn't hear the growl but she felt it against her skin. She moaned softly, as if she was giving him access to let the demon out. She needed him to, for the spell to work.

Angel's lips brushed over her heat. He could tell she was so ready for him. He came up and started lifting the top off her. He kept his dark eyes on her, watching her. He loved to watch her.

She stopped his hands from removing the silk off her body. "I want to keep it on." She was actually thinking ahead. She knew that his bite tonight would leave her too weak to get dressed. She wasn't too fond of waking up naked and cold. This was, of course, if she survived.

Angel stopped then he leaned forward and kissed her. The kisses started slow and easy but it soon progressed. He pressed his tongue to her mouth. He was clenching the pillows on either side of her shoulders. He laid on her, wanting to feel her body against his.

It was only then that she had the slightest hesitation. Her heart rate sped up as he kissed her harder. She could hear his hands clench into those pillows, which didn't add to her anxiety. She had already passed the point of no return though and she would deal with the consequences. She broke the kiss, panting as she tried to breathe.

Angel nipped at her ear then he whispered into it, "I want you now." As he said it, he was in her but there was a growl to his tone. He pushed his hips hard to her.

She gasped as Angel slammed his hips against her. That was probably going to leave a bruise in the morning. She swallowed hard and closed her eyes. A few moments of discomfort would be worth it for a lifetime of happiness. She shifted under him to get more comfortable.

He licked her jaw line as he thrust in her. Rising up he looked down at her, the demon was out now. Those yellow eyes seemed to glow as the stared down at her from those heavy brows.

She dug her heels into the carpet to keep herself from moving too much against his hard thrusts. She looked deeply into his eyes. She was looking for any hint of the man behind the demon but she wasn't finding him. She swallowed hard and turned her chin to let him see her neck.

Those eyes looked down at her neck. His lips parted wider exposing those lethal fangs and sharp teeth. He ran his tongue over his teeth then he lowered and sank those fangs into her neck and started drinking deeply.

He hadn't bothered to spare her the pain of the bite and as such, Cordelia cried out a little. It didn't feel good, it hurt. She closed her eyes tightly, knowing she just had to ride it out. She reached up to put a hand on the back of his head.

Angel kept up his thrusts and his climax came hard. With his climax, he increased the pressure of his bite. Whatever it was tonight brought that demon out in its savage fury. But as his climax eased, he started to gain his control and then pulled back. His eyes were wide at seeing what he had done. "Cordy...Cord..."

She clenched her eyes tight against the pressure of his bite, the tears rolling out of the corner of her eyes and down the sides of her face. She kept his head against her neck until she could no longer. Her hand slipped down and fell with a hard thud against the floor. Her heart was still beating, however faintly, but her eyes were closed. Her neck was still bleeding but right before his eyes, the wounds pulled closed.

Suddenly, he had a sharp pain hit him. His chest felt like it was going to explode. He pushed off of her. The vampiric features faded away. He didn't know what was happening to him at first. He tried desperately to figure it out. But then all went dark as he fell still there beside her on the floor.